Dark Floor+Dark couche= too much?
July 16, 2014
Hi guys- I recently made my first purchase and the living rooms floors are complete with dark laminate (espresso color). I found a really nice set of dark brown leather couches (sofa + love seat). A friend of mine advised me that this would be too much. My plans were to offset the dark with a nice area carpet in off-white (similar colors to the walls) and perhaps a coffee table in the same color?

Brown floors, brown couches with off-white/cream carpet and coffee table??
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Lots of living rooms suffer from excessive dark brown leather....it can be very hard to work around, as it sucks light and space out of the room in many cases. If the area rug covers most of the floor, it will help a lot, but it still wouldn't be my first choice. Dark floors will look much better with light furniture.

Also, combining a sofa with a loveseat is not recommended as it can be very hard to arrange for comfortable conversation. Having both pieces be the same dark leather just compounds the problem.....too much dark sameness and blandness, not enough cozy conversation space or interesting color and contrast.

Instead, I recommend for you....a light cafe au lait microsuede couch and two overstuffed armchairs in a geometric print, plus a colorful rug and bronze metal as accents.
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Here is the living room. I find that photos don't do the space any justice.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Light coloured area rug, with glass+gold/copper coffee table and matching TV stand. If your flooring had been a natural oak or maple, the furniture would be a nice contrast but right now you have plenty of dark and not much light. A cream coloured area rug will help - but it won't fix the "heaviness" of 7 pieces of dark furniture (sofa, loveseat, coffee table, TV stand, TV, side table, drink butler).

I would look towards changing out the all the tables, TV stand and adding the rug. You have some great modern features in this room, you can really have a lot of fun with some brave, modern pieces.
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The furniture in those photos is not mine. I still have to take possession of the place. I am going to wall-mount a TV right in the same spot, so there will be no TV stand. I saw some really nice light gray couches at Ikea...
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Light gray couches sounds good.

The photo of previous occupant's dark furniture really makes the point as to why it is not a good idea.
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