What to do with this living and dining open concept? Keep in mind it's

kwall19July 18, 2014
Limited budget!
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The first thing I would do is paint. I would paint the walls and ceiling a beige color that matched the stone in the fireplace and in a satin paint finish. I would paint the trim, including the doors a solid white, also in a satin finish. I would look for rugs perhaps in a natural fiber for under the couch and dining set. In terms of the budget, ere you thinking of changing the furniture or adding to it?
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Brandi Nash Hicks
You need light bad ,also I would paint everything in that area the lightest cream you can find to lighten it up ,and yes white trim,the room is just so dark try adding some floor lamps even.
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I admire your desire for colour here, and will encourage you to freshen the walls with a single paint choice. Bright shades seem a fine choice to me against stark tile and ceiling, and I like the coloured trim, too - I think the ceiling trim is oversized though, and would either paint it out - in the dining room, at least, where windows are not an issue -or remove it,if it's possible to match the window trim.. Likewise, a single colour on the door will keep it from being the focal point of the room. Paint out the vertical trim dividing the living and dining area,too.
At that point, you will have a more cohesive envelope. A sisal/ jute rug can define your seating area better ( check Wayfair or Overstock), and if budget allows, curtain panels will warm up the room - if you are handy, these can be done cheaply from dropcloth, or end of season sheets, with yardage left for sofa cushions. Pull the table away from the wall, face your fireplace chairs toward the warmth,lower your art work,and Bob's your uncle.
On a side note, your side tables appear to be in a 'time out" - what did they do wrong?
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Hi, thanks for the advice.

I am thinking of the changing the furniture had a black sectional in mind. @collettec
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Thanks. I was cleaning so I just shifted them out of the area. Lol. As you can see I have a Yorkie she is not fully potty trained and is a drama queen sometimes. Is there a rug type that is good for pets because I know she won't stay off the rugs.
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If you feel that the area needs to be lightened up, I would strongly recommend against a black sectional. It appears that the wooden chairs---at the table and the Windsors near the fireplace---are black. A black sectional would darken the room. I suggest a sectional or couch in a light, linen tone to bring brightness to the space. Adding a large colorful, patterned area rug would bring color onto the floor. It also won't show doggie stains. A natural fiber rug and a puppy that has "potty" issues? Not a good idea! Choose colors from the rug for throw pillows, accent chairs, etc. But would go light on the walls AND on the sectional to bring some life into the room.
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Agree with pterckel about not going with a dark sectional. I would consider nothing darker than medium tone in a neutral - either a light to mid range gray, taupe or beige. With your Yorkie, I would go with an indoor outdoor rug. The rug would be a good place to add color and pattern as would art on the walls and pillows for the sectional. Other pieces to consider would be a sideboard or console table for the dining room and a larger coffee table. It appears there isn't much lighting in the room. I would think of floor lamps to either side of the sectional and lamps near the dining room, perhaps if you get a sideboard or console table for that area, two lamps on that for more lighting.
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Yes, kwall19 - (woven) polypropylene, or a floorcloth ( artists available via Etsy).
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Many online catalog companies---- Ballard Design and Grandinroad---are having end of season sales on outdoor area rugs. They have them in wonderful, colorful patterns that would look lovely in this room.
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