Need help with my living dining room
neelamchadhaJuly 18, 2014
Please help me with my living dining room I would like a makeover or ideas to make it more beautiful
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I love your red couch!
Is the door to the left the entry?
If it is I would put the little rug there, from the door, into the room to define the entry way.
If possible push the dining room table more into the room, or have the one short end on the wall, and get a large red rug for under the table that is child friendly, like a cotton rug.
I would hang the abstract, rectangular artwork from the other wall by the table. Make room so all four chairs have a space, it looks more inviting, maybe get some cushions for the chairs so it is a little more comfortable to sit?
I like your plants,but I think you could use one or two large ones, maybe around the TV?
The red couch can be moved a little further away from the window, along with the artwork, to give your beautiful windows more prominence. Switch the twoseater with the one sofachair and add some red pillows to the darker couch and chair.
Your lace curtains are nice but they dont give the room any weight, they are nearly non existent - so you can help by having some regular fabric ones on the side just for looks, not to move.
Not sure if you have little children, but I see a little stool under a chair...if you dont I would display your beautiful brass objects around the TV or on the coffeetables, by the way I would put the second one by the TV and window,next to the other one in the middle, and see how you like it...
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Sorry very last comment was regarding your glass coffeetables!
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Thanks for your advice. The rectangular frame is to hide the electric switch board. I'll follow your advice and then send you the pics
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Hi, you have some good elements to your room, just a few tweaks. To start, I think the rug is too small. At first I thought you could turn it other way so all furniture legs can rest on it, but still may be too small. I would suggest moving it to under table, and moving table away from wall with 4 chairs around it. Art that's by door, move to wall behind table.
For the LR area, you need a larger area rug so legs from the sofa,loveseat and chair can rest on it by about 6". Since furniture is dark, probably something lighter, like in the lighter grey of the other rug. Curtains could be something more substantial. Are they covering a patio door? Art over sofa is good size and not too high, yaaahh! Pillows are too dark and you Ned them not to blend in. There is blue in artwork that would be a great pop colour. You also need to add a little more red in the spaces so the sofa is not the only red element. For the TV wall, move the end table thats beside TV to beside loveseat or chair where it can be used. The little cabinet beside door does nothing, and I would replace it with a taller bookcase type unit with some doors on bottom for storage.
I have an inspiration photo for you that shows a red sofa with blue pillow for a pop of colour.

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Please May I've your input after some changes as per your advice
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Father seeing the new pictures I see you don't really have room under table for rug as there is another door there. I like mveasey suggestion of a red rug though. Maybe a red runner or centrepiece on table instead. Would you be willing to try turning the rug to see how it looks?
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"After seeing the new photos" darn spellcheck!
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