Need color scheme & decor ideas to go with wood tone
April 3, 2012 in Design Dilemma
Its hard to find any rooms in photos on here with wood furniture. I have a large bedroom and large pine furniture. Pics are old but the walls are still same color. Wasn't the color I thought, but the room was painted, carpeted and filled with furniture in 3 days - and I never repainted. The room has good sun all day long so I can go darker in tones. I want the room to be breathtaking and become an oasis but i am hopeless with picking out colors and what to put on the walls that will be to scale with the furniture. All suggestions welcome! :)
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Bond Girl
You have beautiful furniture! There are a lot of pieces though, all in the same tone. If you need all of them for storage, keep them. If not, consider moving the less used pieces into another room. Or swap an item from another room, just to break up the set a bit.

The burgundy on the bed, windows, and some accessories is too dark with the wood. I'd replace with a white bedding. Pick one other light soothing color you like -- taupe? aqua? lavendar? sage? whatever you love -- to use as accents. It sounds like you want to go darker because of the scale of the furniture. I'd keep everything else light, so you're no fighting with it.

You might consider an area rug (it's okay to put one on top of wall-to-wall), to help ground the room. To get that soothing/oasis effect, consider removing all the extra items (particularly from the wall with the large piece, plant and mirror. CDs are just not soothing to look at!)

Your tall furniture is a bit top heavy, with the pictures on one, and the mirror/tall lamps above the other. I'd take all those pictures off. The mirror might be better between the windows, and try the tall lamps on lower pieces.
April 4, 2012 at 10:02am     
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TYSM :) you have hit on everything I am struggling with. I was also leaning towards white fluffy bedding but still struggle with a wall color.
The pics arent very good I know, but the walls are a pretty yellow that was supposed to be more a gold/champagne color. I am redoing all the walls in my house and may reuse that in a smaller bedroom but its been on these walls for 10 yrs now and needs a change - lol. It seems the only colors that always safely go with wood tones are greens and blues. And I already have rooms in both colors. I have 2 floors already filled with sentimental antiques [parents/fam all deceased] , none of which will swap out except maybe one secretary and it is a key piece in another room. Plus my other problem with swapping is that bedroom is on the 3rd fl and that furniture BARELY made it up there - lol. These pieces probably wouldnt fit in any other room and anything else moved up would look so small in stature compared to this set. I have even thought about painting at least 1 piece but would prob want to shoot myself later. I really need someone to come look at all my rooms and pieces and give me an idea[s] I may have missed.
One thing that doesnt show in the pix [cant take new right now cuz furn is in middle of room] is that there is a wood burning fireplace - but it is still just a black slate finish and there is an abundant distance of space between the bed and the large piece and the fireplace. The fireplace has a lot of potential to tie the room together. Only thing I HATE about the room are the ceilings - low and textured.

I may move one of the nightstands - which are basically small dressers [lol] into the walk-in closet which is next on my list :). But that may not make much of a difference. But the CD's are gone and lamps since moved. :) And a rug is already on the MUST HAVE! list but have to pick a direction first either/or wait for a rug to scream out my name and make it all clear...I really wish I had someone to actually look at the room.

Tell me what you think about these ideas - keep in mind the sky is the limit with imagination. So go nuts! theres no man (or woman - lol) or kids I need to consider. I also have a ton of vases and delicate porcelin decor:

ceiling fan out - chandelier in!
pendant lights?
fun with draperies...??? ceiling over bed, across double window, used as wall covering,...
fun with draperies + mediteranian style
please don't say traditional antique - lol
eclectic - maybe with a dash of moulon rouge
I love but am afraid of textured walls [messing them up and getting rid of them later]
accents wall[s]

Please keep any ideas at all coming because I feel a deep need to RECLAIM this room because I HAVE NOT SLEPT IN IT FOR 5 YEARS! [no not a mispprint]
April 4, 2012 at 12:18pm   
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Manon Floreat
For an oasis, I would opt for a sandy desert color for the walls paired with simple off-white bed lines linens. I'd carry that same theme into the en suite as well.

The corner with the small rocking chair would be a wonderful place for a chaise or two lounge chairs.

Muslin tenting above the bed would further enhance the oasis retreat theme.

I think your furniture is beautiful. And you have a nice large room. Would you consider using the other night stand in place of the highboy you currently have to the left of your bed? And perhaps move the high boy besides the bathroom to the walk-in closet?

The area rug suggestion above is a good one - just gives you another layer of luxury for your escape!

I agree that the "clutter" or items that don't belong need to find another home (ie: cd tower, misc pots, trunkds, etc). Another suggestion is to bring your art work down so that it's at eye level while you are seated. This will help bring the energy of the room down - which is more conducive to relaxation.

Some examples for you:

Earthy Retreat


I hope you keep us posted of your progress.
April 4, 2012 at 2:14pm   
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Barnhart Gallery
Hi Gabrielle -- First off, I'm sorry for the loss of your family members. Whatever has kept you from sleeping in your beautiful master, I can tell it's time for you to take it back and get a fabulous night's rest.

Bondgirl has already touched on so much of what I was thinking as I looked through your pix. Do I count seven matching pieces? They are very handsome, but more special as individuals. (The chest at the end of the bed is not one of the special ones and could be painted and perhaps topped with a wonderful new print?)

I think you can incorporate two of your smaller pieces to read as part of the bed if you scootch them right up bedside, with only enough room for the bedding. That way the bed and sidetables will read as one instead of three.

I'd prefer to see long drapes hung all the way to the ceiling to add height, and I'd be tempted to try having a piece of mirror cut to go behind the fretwork at the top of your headboard.

As I picture different color schemes for you, they are all giving me a British Colonial vibe. See if this style is for you by browsing these photos, and if it is, maybe something will give you your color inspiration:
April 4, 2012 at 2:14pm     
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@Manon Floreat - I like where you are going w this. I LOVE the Moroccan room example you sent. When you say sandy desert though, are you leaning more toward a Mohave beige/red or a more Sahara ashy or a tan? I think no matter what the theme or color I am for some reason bent on the tenting - a 1/2 tent to accomodate a chandelier. I was thinking of that chaise too with possibly a small dressing screen backing it and instead of the cheapo old mirror in the clutter zone, I would get a free standing easel mirror.

@both - As far as the rearranging of furniture I am a little stuck. you can't tell by the pic but the highboy by the bed is much longer than the one between the bath and closet doors and wont fit. The only 2 pieces I could interchange would be the armoire and the highboy by the bed due to both their lengths but that would leave me TV'less - lol. The only thing I can think to do would be to move the small piece by the bed into the closet and get a slimmer nightstand so I could push the dresser and bed apart a little more. I wish I could use barnhartgallery's suggestion about pushing the small ones and bed closer - that way I could incorporate some cute pendant lights but wall space is limiting me.

@barnhartgallery - yes - lol - you counted right - 7 PLUS a matching chair :) I am with you about the cedar chest. It is cheap veneer and I have had it since I was a kid - so thumbs up to refreshing that piece. I just have to read up on how to paint it since it isnt plain wood. I may just move that out of there altogether but it definately needs a facelift either way. I will definately take your advice of putting drapes to the ceiling. I had't thought of the mirrored fretwork - neat idea! I did look at the pics of British Colonial but mostly saw creme/antique white tones. While I do like them in the pics and they go with nearly everything I am a little prejudice against them because my entire house was painted duron antique white when i bought it, even the trim! LOL It just looked so painfully plain and drab to me. I would have to do an accent wall for sure if I go that route. Keeping that on the backburner :)

Thanks again. Please let me know if you think of anything else. I'm going shopping tomorrow to see if anything jumps out at me or screams for me to take it home... Just looking for that one inspiration piece [rug, art, ??...] that might give me a clearer vision of the final product:)
April 4, 2012 at 6:56pm   
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Manon Floreat
I think more Sahara desert ash than Mohave clay for paint color.

And even though you have a lot of furniture, the size of your room can accomodate it. I think removing the pieces that don't "fit" (rocking chair, cd tower, trunk, etc) will be an improvement.

You have that desk between the windows - that could become a dressing table with a nice mirror above it.

Yes - tent out the bed and add your chandlier and you'll have an oasis within an oasis!

Have fun shopping.
April 4, 2012 at 10:44pm     
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I agree with everything that has been said so far. I don't how this would fit with your style, but our master has deep cherry furniture (maybe not unlike your darker pine?) and we painted with BM Coastal Fog. Our bed has a big, solid white duvet with a quilted bedspread in poppy. Our baseboard / trim is white, which is what yours looks to be. I'm looking for accessories in navy and maybe a not-too-bright lime green. I really like the look and think it feels very cozy / oasis-y. Good luck.
April 5, 2012 at 7:08pm   
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Barnhart Gallery
I agree on white walls being too bland for your medium brown furniture, gabrielle. I was hoping you could scroll through the pix and find some color. It's not the hue so much as the saturation that isn't working with your wood tones. And I realize on second look that your furniture is a little bit like two of my own bedroom pieces -- mine is not all matching, but I have a bed and dresser in a very similar carving/marquetry in Equadorian Prima Vera (known as "white mahogany"), plus a super old Empire tall dresser in dark mahogany bought in the late '70's from its original home on Beacon Hill in Boston, and a red chinoiserie armoire with gold and both of my medium and deep brown tones.

What makes the beauty of the different wood grains stand out is the saturation of the sandy desert color (right on, Manon!) of my ceiling, walls and the wall to wall carpet that my husband insisted on for our master (I put mahogany everywhere else) because of the time he spends on the floor for his bad back. We went monotone on the backdrop to make a large room with tall ceilings more of a cocoon. And my furnishings really stand out; it's low contrast but high drama.
April 5, 2012 at 9:03pm   
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OK - looks like so far the concensus is neutral ashy / greys. I am going to HD for samples this morning. Can't sleep so I'll be there when the doors open - lol. I will try to hit Lowe's for BM Coastal Fog [clyon] or similar but its on other side of town and rush hour - lucky for me HD is 2 miles away. I looked it up online and it seems very similar in shade to Desert Light but more basic gray which also similar to Glidden Sahara Desert Sand. I think I will look at more grey greys and greys with a brown or orange tone esp because while darker woods will look lovely with a sightly red undertone this pine has more of an orange/amber feel to the tone. But again - I have only looked at them online so far and thats not very accurate. I am looking forward to getting some samples on the wall. Also realized I may have some samples from my living room I may try just for giggles. Never know... I didnt think I'd paint my livingroom Warm Caramel and like it, but I love it! It took 7-8 diff color samples on the wall and a LOT of staring at them before I got the nerve to go with the one that was my 1st pick. LOL. Now - w/ that room I am just torn between using an accent wall or not because of color contrast to other wood pieces - I may post that as well :) [did I mention I am painting the whole house interior?]

I didn't find anything that caught my eye shopping... so I'll keep plugging along with that.

I would absolutely love it and appreciate it if any of you would post a pic of your rooms' wood to wall contrast so I have more of an idea how light or dark I need to adjust for the amount of sun i get in the room I also would just like to see your pieces barnhartgallery! :) haha or maybe you'd better not or I may be tempted to just get rid of everything and start over! just kidding...
April 6, 2012 at 1:46am   
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