Need helping choosing exterior door color for my 1940's cape remodel
July 20, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Hi! I am renovating a 1940's cape and we just replaced the fabric on our exterior window awnings. Our plan is to replace both exterior doors, the main entry to a 3 lite craftsman with dentil shelf and the mud/office entry to a 6 lite craftsman. We are keeping the shutters black (just repainting), replacing both exterior lights, replacing screen doors with 1 light glass storm doors and replacing roof with a silver standing seam. The garage doors we are just going to remove the plastic pattern insert so just glass windows on top row. I need help choosing the color of the entrance doors. Below are the 3 colors families I am looking at : mint, yellow or robins egg blue. Can you provide your ? Thanks so much!! Attached pictures are full view of both entry doors (with old awnings), new awnings, and 3 color swatches.
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The colors-
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Awnings are sunbrella Manhattan Fog
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m-neither green or blue - too light for exterior too neon - yellow better but not the best shade for awnings - let me look and come back . .. may i ask why the craftsman doors on a cape? that isn't a good step forward, it creates a mishmash - there are good options for capes with glass lights
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This is pretty much the door we are going with for the main entrance - I would like to think this is my interpretation of a modern day cape. Didn't think it would look totally off... Better than the current door no???
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This is what we are going with for the mud room/office entry
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Carey Reid Kirk inc.
Morning Melissa, I think your choice of the Morning Sunshine yellow is a good one. I've used this color for front doors and it is beautifully balanced and ages well. Ideally your new single pane storm door will have a wood frame so it too can be painted the yellow color; you're going to the effort and expense to clean up the architectural style of the house, the front door is the focal point of the facade so it would be best not to make the mistake of hiding the new door behind a white metal frame. Also I think your door style choice is also good- the descriptive of "craftsman" was misleading and I think this will translate just fine.
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Kevin Strader
Something in the olive green family one darker with more gray in it and one a little lighter. You could leave the trim white or maybe paint it a cream color.
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@carey reid kirk inc. thanks for your feedback & mentioning about storm door. I was going back and forth on whether I should paint the trim. Wish we didn't have to get a storm door at all, it does hide the true beauty of the door... But not with Northeast weather :(
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@kevinstrader thanks for your feedback, but I am keeping the house white. We used a lot of dark, earth tones with our previous house... We wanted to get a different look and feel with this semi-shore town. White is timeless and gives us a lot of versatility in the future when the trends I like right now die. Who knows maybe we will decide to go dark 10 years from now! :)
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HI -- Cute house . I grew up in a district of these houses , but our house was a different style . In my old neighborhood the second and third generations of the war vet owners have and are making the same changes you are doing and more . In Canada we refer to these post war houses as " War time bungalows " You didn't mention if you were painting the main of the house or leaving it white . The new doors are a good choice , but play up the front door by adding some wider moldings to the frame . The yellow would be nice , but only on the front door . The front door should be it's own . I do agree as mentioned ,that you also have to do something with the storm doors too. Try to keep the other door more to the house color . That's the less public door. I would extend out the front step to more of an entrance patio area to make a statement that -this is the front entrance . Perhaps a curved stone wall thick enough to sit on at seating height . Then add plantings in front . Add some trees also , that will set off the total look of the house .
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JudyG Designs
Cute house….

I would like to see no shutters at all. First, they don’t fit properly and it looks very busy with both the shutters and awnings.

As for the front door, I would choose a charcoal…darker than the stripes on the awnings.

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@lefty47 thanks for the input! I didn't even start throwing ideas around yet for the landscaping or hardscaping yet.. Too much to think about! But yes we will be addressing those two areas in phase 2. I like your ideas, I am currently not a fan of the walk way at its current state... Will need to look for some inspiration when the time comes. Interesting about the "War Time Bungalows!"
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@judyg - I know the shutters are not the best, but I do like how they break up the house and window (I like having black in the mix). Another idea I did have was removing the shutters and painting the exterior window molding black to add contrast between house and awning. Kind of like this:
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I think the front door should say *Morning Sunshine*:))
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Melissa - your home is darling - thanks for sharing with us.

Agree with you/ others the doors work / are more bungalow than craftsman . . . if there is a dentil shelf option under the window as trim I would leave it off as that does begin to speak to arts and crafts (unless you have some amazing arts and crafts casework inside / dentil molding to match something existing / original)
Also love your existing front storm door as a throwback to the 40's and would paint it and keep it if it functions well, though here it makes me want to look for a door with a full divided upper light to work with it perfectly - something about the scallop is delicious and unique ..

this is what I was seeing [houzz=
] )

Though of course the dutch entry is probably not your thing for safety reasons - you need a deadbolt screen for that, but this gives you the look in my head . .. . . .
Of course, a full glass black aluminum screen door off the rack will do fine if you paint your trim, white if you don't.

Love the idea of contrasting windows and no shutters and think that is the location for the kendall charcoal you were considering - it will read black but be warm enough to work with the morning fog greige tone. Also test this other warm charcoal tone from ben moore - dragons breath
It's undertone is perfect with your awnings and roof and just slightly warmer /darker than kendall.

Since your house "white" is on the cool gray side, and the morning fog and kendall head warm, yellow can work nicely and this shade is pretty. Test also like bm davinci's gold / sw bees wax in that direction . . the shading towards gold gives it softness on the door but it is still bright . .Another suggestion would be a turquoise heading strong blue - like bm randolph blue

Share with us your progress - whatever you decide, we'll celebrate you!
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Annie Fischer
I love your home - it's beautiful! I think the yellow would suit it perfectly. Why not take a picture of your home and photoshop the color in? It'd give you a fairly good, quick and extremely temporary idea of what it'd look like.
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@libradesigneye thanks for the feedback. I really like the idea of going with a charcoal, and trying a turquoise blue like you suggested. And yes the scallop screen door is just lovely, I plan to use it in the yard/garden somehow.
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@amyfischer thank you! And thanks for the suggestion, I will start to really sample and test colors once kitchen is done.

Here is a picture of our floors we just restained and finished. The kitchen had linoleum so we ripped up and resanded entire first floor so it all will blend.
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