Advice on Waterfall Taps
Daman of Witham
July 21, 2014
In the past 6 months or so, we have had numerous customers asking for "Waterfall taps". But many do not realise that they are not ideal for every Bathroom.

You need to ensure you have the correct pressure to operate the taps. In the UK many people have a tank in the loft, this is commonly referred to as a gravity system. Typically this kind of system will not give you any more than 0.5bar. The majority of waterfall taps require around 3bar, that's 6 times the pressure!. Combi boilers or pressurised cylinders should give you the correct pressure, or maybe even consider a pump.

If you live in a hard water area please be aware that waterfall taps can get very mucky, very quickly!. As water pools in the spout it evaporates, leaving a residue. In hard water areas this is limescale, and can accumulate very quickly. If you live in a hard water area then consider a water softener, and a lot of cleaning!.

Waterfall taps do add style to your basin, but just ensure your Bathroom is equipped to have one, before you make a purchase, For more info or to purchase a waterfall tap, contact us via our website or email us.
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Curt D'Onofrio
I guess there are pitfalls to any device/appliance. Thanks for pointing out
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Thanks for the advice!

I considered that type of tap when renovating our house; the reason I didn't buy any was one of the ones you'd mentioned: limestone, stains and cleaning. No way I would buy something that generates more work for me just because it's the latest trend.
I found that brushed steel is great in masking stains.
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Daman of Witham
Nobody wants to spend their lives cleaning! you are right that brushed steel can help mask stains. Another tip is to avoid using harsh cleaners such as cillit bang etc. They take limescale off but they also take layers of chrome and protective films off of products! in the long run you end up ruining your expensive brassware!. Waterfall taps are a great feature, but they only work in certain situations.
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