Tree on the right

Denise VilimApril 4, 2012
Anoyone know what type of tree this is? It looks very yucca-like. If so, what variety of yucca is it?
Thank you!
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Lisa Hallett Taylor
Hi Denise:
That looks like Yucca elephantipes, aka Yucca gigantea or Giant Yucca. They grow about 2 feet a year to an eventual 15-30 feet. If it's not Giant Yucca, it's probably Yucca aloifolia, or Spanish Bayonet, which grows to about 15 feet.
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Denise Vilim
Thanks Lisa! After reading your response, I did a search for both types and found the following 2 photos of Yucca elephantipes, which look almost identical to the one pictured above. It is difficult to tell between the different species because many are so similar to one another. I actually have 4 Yucca cane elephantipes (according to the label from the plant store) in my front flower bed, but they sure don't look like the ones pictured here. Ha ha. I think they are still relatively young though, so maybe in time...
Thanks for the info!
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Lisa Hallett Taylor
I have Giant Yuccas growing in my front and back yards, and they do, indeed grow pretty fast. There's one in my yard that is probably reaching up to 30 feet, although I've never measured it. When my dog was younger he used to climb the trunk, chasing lizards. The trunks are strong and can grow horizontally before reaching skyward. They do need to be pruned once a year or so -- by pulling off the dead leaves that are usually at the bottom. When they get up to 20 feet or so, it's time to call in someone with a big ladder!
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