Can this house be added on to and were? Thank you
Judy Davis
July 28, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Our house was built about 1900 it is about 26ft by 26. With a small room added on with bathroom and stairway to basement. The upstairs has a very scary steep stairway and a slanted roof so you can only really walk in the middle. We need more room an a new roof, so is it possible to add on to something this small an would you build up or out or both. Land is not a problem as we have many acres and are in the country. Please help. Thank you. Judy
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Please post some pictures of the outside. A floor plan (even a self drawn one) will really help too.
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Judy Davis
Here are some pictures. We are remodeling kitchen so old kitchen is on deck. We also started siding then decided we need to add on. Inside is kitchen an dinning room on one side an on the other small bedroom an living room. Upstairs is two room,one being used as bedroom other just stuff. Thank you
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Judy Davis
We feel we will have about 80,000 to put into the house,less would be nice but will see.
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JudyG Designs
I would start with what you have. Make sure everything in the present house is updated and fix the staircase to the second floor where I would add a dormer. What would you have then besides a new kitchen? How many bedrooms and how many baths? That would determine what additional space you need.

It also looks as if you have a garage. Could that be attached to the house in some way?

Look through the pictures here:

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Judy Davis
That is what we are doing now,after kitchen an new flooring on main floor it will be done there,also doing our one small bathroom over too. We are looking at adding on bedroom upstairs or like you said dormers also bathroom upstairs. An another bedroom an bath on main level.
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I suggest you stop work on all but the most essential items, and develop a plan. You don't want to be constrained by what you are doing. You mentioned redoing your bath. Will you demo it in 3 months as part of the perfect plan, or will you say no, we just redid it?

Are you doing the work yourself?

Did you insulate prior to installing the new siding?

Draw up a floor plan with dimensions. We can help, but need to see what we are working with.
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Judy Davis
I understand what you are saying. We have been doing it ourself but did have pro do the cabinet layout but it started with a cracked sink an we got carried away an bf we knew what we were in for we had gutted the kitchen. Something I really would never do again soooo much work. Now we do hav a pro an helpers coming this week end to help us finish kitchen an do add on planning,but we will wait for more plans bf we go on. Thank you. Will post more as we continue on.
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