help needed for adding new kitchen cabinets
July 29, 2014
The first two photos show my [small] kitchen and dining area, taken before I had the desk and pantry closet removed. In their place which is the same length as the wall with the French-style doors--about 9 feet--I want to install new cabinets. This space forms the only "dining room" in the house. I need to store more than dinnerware in this area…probably items like small appliances--but I want a countertop running the full length to use for buffet-style meals.

I need to decide whether to try to match the color of the existing cabinets or choose a painted cabinet in white or antique white. I may be able to match the color, but would it be better to choose white or antique white? The woodwork throughout the house is white. The existing cabinets are a medium cherry, and a lot of my furniture is dark cherry. I would greatly appreciate hearing the pros and cons of choosing white or antique white. For example, how do I achieve the right balance when two colors are used? I usually see a smaller area such as an island when two colors are used, but in my case, I think the new cabinets will appear to be equal in number, if not more because they will not be separated by appliances. I have added two additional photos taken at a home show…these are from the same kitchen, much larger than mine. Note that the area with painted cabinets ( a bar, I think) is much smaller that the main kitchen. Also, I need to consider resale value. And what if I cannot match the existing cabinets? Worst case scenario is that I would have the desk reinstalled and add a white or antique white cabinet-style pantry where there were sheetrock walls and white door. I look forward to feedback as I weigh this decision, and I thank you in advance.
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Added notes to original entry: the appliances have been replaced with stainless steel, and my plan is to choose the same countertop and backsplash for the entire space regardless of whether I choose to try to match the existing cabinets or go with a contrasting painted cabinet in the same Shaker style. (I had the pantry and desk removed so the hardwood floor could be installed in those areas at the same time I had it extended into the family room; all was then sanded and sealed…no stain, so the color is somewhat lighter than what is shown in the photos, and it is a nice contrast.) Also, the wall color is now a medium tan. My goal is to have a monochromatic color scheme that ranges from white to cream to a light caramel for the entire open concept space. I also plan to change out the chairs (although I have eight!) and possibly the table, even though I probably cannot afford the same quality as what I have now. It was great in my formal dining room, but this space which opens to a family room [no formal living room, either] seems to call for furniture that is more casual. I've attached a few more photos to give a sense of the entire space.
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And a couple more photos to give you a more complete view. (I wish I knew how to edit this so it were all one entry.)
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Grusby Woodworks LLC.
It will certainly be difficult to match the existing cherry as it can darken quite a bit with exposure to sunlight. If the new cabinets are being custom built, then they can color match a stain to match the existing color. Otherwise, I agree that you're better off with a paint. Given your color scheme, I'd suggest an antique white or light cream color.
Another option would be to have a distressed look which can tie in the new and old really well. In this case you'd have cherry cabinets with a white or other color painted on top, then sanded in spots to show some of the cherry through. This can be a beautiful look, but needs to fit your aesthetic and budget (it is a more expensive option). Good luck.
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