Need help converting to a Craftsman Style look
July 30, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I think this home would feel even more like home if it was converted to a craftsman style look on the outside. I was thinking changing out the garage doors, shutters, and front door to give it a pop. Any help with ideas and colors would be so greatly appreciated!!!
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flair lighting
its pretty large for a would have to do a lot to pull that off. adding pergolas, changing the color of siding, maybe white washing the brick to give it an older feel. change all the lighting and doors. remove the shutters...........
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It's a beautiful home but ...craftsman ? What is it about craftsman style that says " home" to you? I'd add landscaping, window boxes with colorful flowers and decorate that lovely front porch as a start to make it homey.
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Its a lovely house but I agree with flair lighting, a lot would have to change to transform this to craftsman. The window pediments, shutters, garage door, arched window. Not cheap. I think I would install more attractive garage doors with lites, work on the landscaping and window boxes (maybe on the railings?) to pretty it up a little, and call it a day. :-)
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Kevin Strader
I don't know that it will be possible to convert the entire façade to a craftsman style. I think you can do things that will give it more of that feel. New craftsman style door, shutters, garage doors and then a darker more earthy color (maybe a taupe with green/gray/brown overtones. Then paint the trim half as dark as the siding. It won't be a true craftsman but I think it might get you close enough. Plus I agree with getting rid of the trim over the windows. Something like this.
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This is a repost and pretty much everyone on the original post said that trying to convert this to a craftsman would be a major (if not nearly impossible) task that would be very costly and you would lose almost all that investment in resale value in what is almost surely to end up an architectural mess. You just can't haphazardly slap styles on a building anymore than putting a jersey on makes a person an athlete. You have a decent house as is (actually one of the better ones that tend to be on this forum) I'm not sure why you feel it needs a dramatic makeover. It could certainly be helped with small changes mostly to landscaping but completely redoing a facade and major architectural work would be craziness.
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Thanks to everyone for your valuable comments!! I know the home is more traditional and would take work to convert but I think I can pull it off somewhat with changing out the garage doors and front door. Love the pic with the darker colors as well!
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Thanks again Kevin for the visual. Love it!
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