Need staging/decor advice for my open concept living/dinning room

vejuliaJuly 31, 2014
I have an open kitchen with living / dinning room. With the current sofa, TV, and dinning set; how to staging it to make it presentable to potential buyers? I am not sure where should I put paintings or any decorations on the wall? I do have a few paintings this flora one is good for the wall behind the sofa or not? I do have another abstract horse paint.
Another question is usually I put a painting or a mirror on the wall besides the door of the entrance. For this space since it is open is it necessary to put anything on the wall of the entrance?
Please kindly give me advice; big or small; I would really appreciate it.

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Patricia Colwell
Put the horse one behind the sofa, the flowers in the entry and maybe some drapes to soften the look even just a nice rod across both windows and panels on the sides and in the center
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Hi Patricia,
Thank you so much. This is the horse painting. Please let me know if it suits the behind sofa wall? Julia
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i do have another question. Should I put any painting or decor to the dining area? such as this hanging object?
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Hi, Julia. Your realtor might be able to answer some of your questions; after all, she wants to sell your house, too. Generally, you want to keep the place somewhat decor-free. Buyers want to see the possibilities, but they also want to see themselves in the place, so better not to impose your personal style. Since the decor is already pretty minimal, I'd hang the two paintings and leave it at that.

I actually think your bigger problem is going to be the layout of the space. An enormous TV on an entry wall is not desirable to most. I'd move the dining area to where the sofa is and put a smaller TV and seating in the current dining room, if possible.
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I agree with Patricia Colwell with the paintings placement and drapery addition. I wouldn't put the hanging object up and would also remove the aquarium from the entry ledge. Best wishes for a speedy sale!
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Thank you all for the advice. Yes I want the place somewhere decor free- I want to staging my home to make it ready for sell but I did not put it for sell yet. I found a lot of time we stage the rooms so nice for sell and missed the time actually enjoying the beautiful staging. I am thinking to "pre-enjoy" the staging before putting the property to the market. As a result, I do not have a Realtor to help me at this moment. It is a small space to put everything together. If I move the dinning set to the current sofa area; the sofa will only be put in front of the windows facing the kitchen; however, the TV won't fit anywhere then... There is a cable output from the only wall where the current dinning set is; but will we put the sofa not facing the TV?
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Furnished Up Fine Furniture and Home Decor
Art needs to go up above the couch, a rug would make the place look warmer and more inviting and I agree with that the TV should not be by the entry way.
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Thank you! I am at junior level for color coordination. May I know the 'rule' of the rug? Should it match the painting colors? such as if I put this horse abstract painting above the sofa; should I put some yellow color rugs on the floor? please advise.
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When do you plan to sell? IF you plan to be there for five years, stage it for you, not others.
Hang the round piece on the dining wall so it will be seen from the entry through the opening. What hangs above the sofa should be a max of 75% of the sofa's width, so that may help you decide what goes there. The floral may work better in a bedroom or hallway. Replace the torciere lamp with an arc floor lamp that arches to hover over a glass coffee table.
Nordica · More Info
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Good idea! Thank you to let me know the hangings shouldn't exceed 75% !!!! I agree if I use glass coffee table can make the space look bigger. It's also good to know flora painting is good for the hall way and the bed room. What about the rug under the coffee table? Any color rules for it? please kindly share your point of view with me.
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I think you should use a rug whose colors make you feel good - maybe some from the art. When you show it for sale, you might do a plain geometric one in more neutral shades. Rugs can layer if you wanted to try that. Then you'd have a neutral for showing and color for your own enjoyment.
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These are great ideas! I just logged in and saw the response. thank you so much.
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