How do you make your home zen?
Emmeline Westin
August 6, 2014
If you've had a particularly stressful day, there's nothing better than to be able to sit down and relax in your home. Away from clutter and chatter, you can finally de-stress. Maybe with a glass of wine, maybe listening to some classical music or lighting a candle.

Have you attempted to create a zen environment in your home? What's so zen about it?

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My main "zen" area is my front porch. I close my linen porch curtains...sit back in my wicker chair with a candle lit & the kitties on the other chair & settee. No noise. I get home from work at 11 pm, so my zen time is between 11:30 & 12:30. The neighborhood is mainly asleep....
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Clean and clutter-free makes it feel zen. The Japanese garden outside helps too.
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Dan H.
I think there are many ways to create a "zen" area. One, for me, is a screened porch. I simply cannot understand why screened porches are no longer built on houses as in the past. When (and why) did builders swap out these shady bug-free areas outside for those buggy sun-baked decks?
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You're right Dan...they used to build the nice big screened sleeping porches.

They also used to build nice big front porches you're greeted by a big garage.

Go figure.

In first pic...the only shade available is coming from the actual structure. Not very ZEN to me...

Which makes you feel more welcome?
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EOS Rooflights
We think that a lot of zen can come from having plenty of light in your home. It's always inviting to walk into a light building as darkness can be a bit depressing!
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Dan H.
Bungalowmo, I'm glad there are some that agree with me on this. Ironically, I am sitting in my screened porch now as I write this during a light summer rain--try that on your laptop on the deck!
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Dan H.
By the way, Bungalowmo, my screened porch is in the back overlooking woods and a lake. And, I agree with you on the porch drapes--they help with the Zen!
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Yeah...I love mine! Not too heavy & not too light. Blocks the streetlight & lets the breeze through. Funny, because my main reason I bought them was because I was on the North end of my porch last summer stripping all my railings & the afternoon sun was killing me!

90 degree day, no shade on that end & a heat gun are not a happy mix! Now I enjoy them so much, I'm mad I didn't get them sooner!
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