To decorate with b&w or color photos?
Lily Choi
August 6, 2014 in Design Dilemma
White frames with color photos, black frames with b&w and also the other way around, I've seen beautiful combos of each of these frame-photo pairings, but I'm at a loss when it comes to deciding my own walls! My hallway and dining room frames are all mounted but are photo-less until I decide to go b&w or color!

I would love suggestions (or photos?). Since some of the frames are quite large, I don't think there is turning back once the photos/artwork are printed.
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Nancy Corsaut/Zephyr Real Estate
My personal preference is a black frame with b&w photos. I have it in my home and it looks fantastic!
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I think it depends what makes you happy. I started of with all black frames (variation of photos). Then as my collection and taste changed I added color. I have a neutral home, so now the colors make me smile. Then just recently started making wood art for the backs of some photos and those make me smile even more, along with the love you more sign I made. My grandma passed last year and this was my little bit of her.
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I like the mix you have going on, on the two walls
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Yep, mix it up. b&w, color, frames different etc. Adding art into the mix will gjve the mix meaning. Lining up art perfectly works nice with black & white (or color). So, if you mix up the color, do a "random" display. But, if you notice in the below example, the frames are spaced nearly exactly the same space apart. Follow that rule and it will look "right".

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Lily Choi
Darzy, I like what you have here. In fact, I see that you have b&w photos in the white frames and I like the effect here. You also created a nice balance with the turquoise artwork. Jolene, your sign is touching and I can definitely see how colour photos can add a personal element.
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