Need to make decision for kitchen lights by tomorrow!
August 7, 2014
We are remodeling a 100 year old craftsman home and have added onto the kitchen.
It will now be a 22' long by 12' wide galley kitchen with at door at the end. I would like to put
school house lights down the center but not sure to put in 2 or 3 with this length kitchen. The ceiling is only 8 ft high so the lights will be ceiling mount and can't drop down more than 14". I want to avoid can lighting. I don't have a pictures as it very under construction.
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Design Freedom, inc.
I hope you are using under-the-cabinet lighting for all your countertops. Otherwise you will be working in your own shadow using just the school house lights.
Lighting is calculated based on individual light bulbs, not just light fixtures. Here's a very simplified calculation for your lighting:
22 x 12 = 264 SF square feet, General lighting at 15 footcandles requires 264 x 15 = 3,960 total fc footcandles. Each 75w incandescent bulb is about 1100 fc. 3,960 divided by 1100 equals 3.6 light bulbs needed.
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Do you have a recommendation for another light fixture that gives more light but stays with the period
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Fred S
Footcandles do not translate to bulb output that well. It is not a 1 to 1 ratio.

Footcandles : A measure of the total light falling on a surface. One foot candle (fc) is equal to one lumen per square foot, originally based on the illumination of one candle held one foot from a surface.

Lumens : A measure of the light output of a lamp (light bulb) or other light source. A candle provides about 12 lumens (1 X 4π, or the surface area of a sphere with a 1' radius)

The first reason this doesn't work is that bulbs are rated in lumens, not footcandles. A 60-watt bulb produces about 850 lumens. A reflector type bulb (R, BR, or PAR) shines up to twice the light in footcandles on a surface to be illuminated as a standard (A) type bulb of the same lumens because all the light is reflected back in one direction. Furthermore, the opacity of the lens or shade around the bulb makes a big difference. As does whether a bulb is clear or frosted.

The second reason using footcandles to translate to lumens is that the farther away a surface is from a light source, the less bright it is. Doubling the distance to a lamp reduces the lighting level by a factor of four. This makes the distance the work surface is away from a light source very important, whether it is a kitchen counter or your favorite reading chair.

An often overlooked factor is the age of the occupants. At 60 years old, we need two to three times the light we needed at age 20, and also more shielding and diffusers since older eyes are more sensitive to glare.
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We will have under cabinet lighting so that will help with work light but this question is more a design concern as well. Does 2 light fixtures look too few or 3 fixtures look too much for the length of this room. I will choose a fixture with appropriate watts based on if I end up with 2 or 3 fixtures in this space.
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