Any ideas for window covering on this long window along the stairs
Susanna Thomas
August 8, 2014
It's a long window lighting the staircase going up to he attic bedroom. It's 250cm so too long for roman blinds I think. The curtains looked a bit odd when I had them as on the left they grazed the stair of the quarter landing, but on the right they hung midway down the wall. Also, they were quite bulky. Any ideas?
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Try a series of single Roman blinds either working as a combination of double and/or single movements. That is a double in the centre and singles at the outside .
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Susanna Thomas
Thank you. That sounds like a lot of pull cords. I have two small children, so one cord I could secure to the wall with a cleat would be ok, but cords hanging down across the window would be too many I think.....?
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Property Reviver Ltd
Have you considered ribbon tie blinds or cordless blinds?
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Susanna Thomas
I will check out those two ideas, thanks. Can you get cordless roman blinds? This is a drafty window and really Interlined curtains on the existing track which overlaps nicely in he middle are best at keeping it warm.

I worry with having even two blinds that there would be a small gap for drafts.
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Property Reviver Ltd
I haven't seen any cordless roman blinds. Here's a link to the sort of cordless blinds I was thinking about
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Susanna Thomas
Thanks. I have used luxaflex before and like them.....
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Susanna Thomas
Bumping this question. I've received some fab advice on another thread, so wondered if there are any more comments for this?

I am thinking of two or maybe three blinds. Possibly with dress curtains at the sides - as I want it to have a soft look. But would I do floor length dress curtains (my preference for all rooms), or finish them both at the height of the stair to the right on the 1/4 landing?
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Susanna Thomas
I'm posting two more pictures of the problem area to the right and below the window, it's a large empty bit of wall. Too low down to put a picture on, and difficult to soften with curtains due to the uneven drop on the other side.

This window is leading up to our attic bedroom.
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Susanna, how about shutters? I know it's a pity to cover the glass, but that's such a difficult space due to its asymmetry, I think you'd be better off with a covering that will control the draft and the amount of light you let in without resorting to all sorts of strange&complicated solutions (they can make it in any size; see below the ones we have in our walk-in wardrobe).

As for the wall, it's not too low. You can find some long and narrow poster or customize one at the Tate Modern (ex: this colourful Patrick Heron ). Or some narrow mirror or even a funky coat rack with some costume jewellery on.

Hall by Creazioni - revolutionary Italian Designer
Tunbridge Wells House

PS: Again, if you planning on painting soon, consider having the ceiling in a lighter shade.
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Susanna Thomas
Thanks for that. I hadn't thought abt shutters, but that's probably the best idea. I love your pictures. I have never really seen a piece of art hung less than 1 metre from the floor though? The wall I mean is the one with the window on it, directly below the window with the stair stringer going up diagonally.

We are repainting soon and I'm thinking of greeting everything done in white - to keep it simple as there are so many angles and assymetries. The lovely quirks of victorian architecture.
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Sorry, I thought you meant the adjoining wall - with the picture rail on. I wouldn't place anything down there - you are right, it's too low. Again, a personal example (it's easier to use my photos than search through all Houzz), I just found this slim sculpture and place it in the corner on our small landing towards the loft.

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Susanna Thomas
That looks sweet, thank you!
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Susanna Thomas
Thanks, I've book marked it to look at
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Denise Law
Have a look at the motorised blinds from Phantom Screens, available in a range of colours and performance fabric options.
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Am following this thread with interest -

I have windows like this throughout my house and am finding it really difficult to decide on suitable treatments. On the upside it means the house always looks light and airy!

We currently have a series of temporary roller blinds downstairs which work pretty well, but in the bedrooms we have curtains - although they now cover the radiators so not keen as a long term solution.
Would also like to have blackout in the two main bedrooms.

Does anyone know if extra wide roman blinds are available anywhere?
We'd like an unfussy look.
Suggestions and pics most welcome. Thanks.
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I have to agree with having shutters. I have them everywhere except my kitchen. They let loads of light in when open and keep light out when closed (so great for bedrooms). They are very efficient at keeping heat in during the colder months. They would be perfect for your window; they fit snug against the wall and will leave the staircase clear for people using it. I have lovely cedar wood shutters but I think your window would look best with white to match the window frames. Good luck with your choice!
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Lisa Carll
I would never cover those window they are amazing the way they are.
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