What to do with this wall?

jsreamsAugust 11, 2014
Over the past two weeks, my girlfriend and I have been renovating her old, outdated (complete with burgundy carpet and tan walls) bedroom. I made the headboard, we found the bedding for a good price (TJ Maxx), and also installed the hardwood ourselves. Our dilemma lies in the pictures on the walls. The frames were purchased at a flea market for $6 each. We spray painted them white. This past weekend, we found the vintage prints in the frame at a really cool antique store (Antique Tobacco Barn) in Asheville, NC for *also* $6 each. The picture on the right covers the poorly-placed breaker box, so we can't move that. It is exactly 8" from the wall, so I placed the frame on the left 8" from where the new closet door frame (being installed this week) will go. What should we put in the middle?
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(Lynn Goodwin) McAdams Remodeling & Design LLC
Something in a dark metal would like nice between the prints. This could be a sculpture, shelf, or something similar that would be a different median than the prints.

If you did not have the breaker box to deal with the pictures could be hung closer together on the wall which would be a great look. Can you make the breaker box disappear by painting it the wall color? Adding something above your headboard would also balance out the room.
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Deb S
A set of floating shelves in staggered sizes. 2 over the headboard and one between the pictures. Play around with the heights .Check Kohls for sets. They have a 30 percent off coupon active now too. Fill the shelves with small framed pics, tiny colored glass vases (Pier1) with little sprays of flowers etc. you definitely need balance over the headboard as mentioned already :)
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Bill Yockey
how about a sunburst mirror between the two prints? or a vintage looking clock in red?
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Thank you for the comments! We hadn't thought of shelving- that's a perfect idea! Do you have any visuals, though, that would better show what you're suggesting?
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Deb S
Wall cubes or white wall shelf set or a combination of both. Just search and it will pop right up. There are a lot of styles and sizes. My first thought is the style that looks like crown molding. If you search it on Houzz it's the first thing you will see.
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Decorative Philosophy
We wouldn't want shelving so close to the bed and certainly wouldn't want to be the person who had that side of the bed! Think hitting your head, arm, whatever as you get up....
Why don't you just move the picture that is on the left, closer to the one covering the box.
Keep going to the flea market and perhaps you will find more vintage prints so you can have a fantastic wall of them.
But build from the back corner forward.
Karen & Joseph
for Decorative Philosophy.
PS you could check out our marketplace for affordable art as well and also think about painting the wall a contrasting color, painting larger rectangles of a contrasting color around the framed art.
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Deb S
Personally I think 3 would be a crowd if you moved the 2 side by side and added more art , but you can definitely try it. It appeared as though this bed was for a single person. If there is 2 in this bed you will want to test out your placement with practical concerns like comfort! You could always put a mirror over the electrical box and place these pretty pics side by side over the headboard .
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