Dining room walls...how much is too much
August 12, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I have three walls in my dining room (one is a large window) so only two. Is it too much if I have art pieces on the remaining two walls? The mirror on floor behind the table is not going there (just resting there temporarily) and we are still looking for the right light fixture.

My gut says not to do another art piece there (it's my husbands work) but he really wants to showcase his work around the house. Will it look too busy to have another piece there?

I've attached pics of the dining room as is...the blank wall is where the new piece would go.
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I think art would look nice on that wall. From what I can tell that triptych looks well done. Did he do it? Give us a better shot of it. If that's the quality I think a big piece on the blank wall would look good.
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Affordable Quality Lighting
It depends on the piece and it's pairing with the three smaller paintings opposite the window. Personally, I'd put in some dedicated recessed lights with MR16 LED bulbs so the light doesn't harm your husbands paintings, then put in a narrow wine or beer cabinet. Then I'd put a vase and some personal photos on the cabinet. I would go with glass doors so the piece feels light/airy.

The reason I'd suggest avoiding a second piece of art is it may distract from the main pieces in the room. Maybe a piece similar to this http://www.potterybarn.com/products/saxton-entertaining-long-low-bar-suite/?pkey=cbars-furniture&cm_src=bars-furniture||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_- for the wine cabinet. This may work as well http://www.crateandbarrel.com/casement-black-large-sideboard/f56844 but it really depends on the dinning room table and chairs you select.

If you do decide to put in dedicated recessed lights to showcase your husband's art I'd recommend these bulbs http://www.affordablequalitylighting.com/lightbulbs/led-light-bulbs/led-mr16/12v-10w-vivid-color-cri-95-led-mr16-spotlight-soraa-light-bulb/ because they do not cause harm to the painting and they have a 95 CRI rating. In fact the LA Museum is switching over to these types of bulbs for better quality.
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Me thinks his art would look fine also. Suggestions: paint the walls something other than white, turn the table around the other way, (if it can go) and remove 4 of the chairs.
Far too many chairs around the table.
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I think if you find a nice, large chandelier it will fill the space nicely and you won't feel the need to fill in the space on the empty wall.

Agree about removing chairs and also a set of patterned drapes floor to ceiling would polish the room.
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jn3344, whats the triptych?

Angel18432, we recently painted these walls and really love the neutral color! my eventual goal would be to get a sideboard to put where the blank wall is (under new art if we do it) and put two chairs on each side. Two came scratched and overstock sent us two new ones free without having to return the scratched ones so we kept them as we always need additional seating for big family dinners.

pqtmouse, i don't have a need to fill the space. he would like to add more of his work and I am just not sure if it will be too much for the space, but for sure we want a nice light fixture over the table.

Affordable Quality Lighting, thank you for the light suggestions, i will show to mush and who was interested in some lighting for other pieces in the house.

thanks for all the comments
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Triptych is three thematically related but separate paintings displayed together. The three pieces on the one wall. One is red, one Is yellow, one is blue.
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