Repair or replace this patio cover?
Joan Becich
August 15, 2014
Last year, I replaced the windows, the roof, and painted my 50's ranch house. Now I'm ready to do something with my tired old patio. I'd like to give it more charm without sacrificing the 50's feel.

I've been advised that I could merely replace the beams and posts that are water damaged. It might be nice to lose the fascia board and replace it with a more open look. However, there were gutters on the fascia board that have been removed. Do I need rain gutters?

I like the idea of the translucent poly carbonate roofing. Do I want the corrugated type or flat?

Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome!
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Curt D'Onofrio
Quote "Do i need rain gutters" --> Strictly speaking no house "needs" rain gutters, but your roof looks like our's and in a lot of rain we get a water fall.
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J. A. Construction
As a Design/Build Specialist, I am inclined to suggest you remove the fascia perimeter of your patio cover and have a corbel cut or a forty five degree angle cut that ends about one and a half inches from the top of the rafter. This should be done to each rafter tail for a uniform look. I would do away with the plastic waves on the patio roof and replace with
a 2x3 or 2x4 tightly spaced lattice to allow some solar rays in for light during the day. If you are concerned about not having total coverage for the elements of nature you may want to think about a tight knit nylon mesh in the color of your choice, over the new lattice.
Also knee braces from the post to the beam will help with the "ranch look" and the structural integrity of your patio cover. Of course this should be done after your replace any dry rotted posts. Combine these ideas with a new paint application on the patio cover and I am sure you will enjoy your back yard for years to come. Best of Luck !
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Joan Becich
I agree that the "plastic waves" aren't very aesthetic, but I spend a lot of time on this patio. I must have a waterproof area.

I saw some material that was described as "skylight material" that covered the roof of one Japanese style patio.

I am very interested in your input. What type of nylon mesh are you describing?

I also like the idea of the knee braces. Thank you for your help!
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Joan Becich
I live in southern Oregon. We get rain in the winter and spring. It is delightful to sit outside when it rains.
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J. A. Construction
Hi again, John here from J. A. Construction and Design. Sorry I have been under the weather which is very unusual for this time of year, never the less, it is what it is, and I just have to roll with it I guess. So sorry for the delay in any verbal response.
Well if money is no object , and nature's elements may threaten your "bonding with your natural setting and your feeling of finding your place in this vast universe", i.e. (just keeping yourself happy and in a well rounded state of being), then your best bet is to install 1x6 or 1x8 ship lap or t&g knotty pine, Douglas Fir, or a more pricy Redwood over
your existing rafters with a roofing material that meets your local building code for your area. If your rafters are installed without any fall (angle) for drainage of rain water or snow
that melts, you may have to cut your posts to give the patio roof some fall. Any journeyman carpenter can perform this task without a problem. Although this whole process may seem a little in depth and pricey, it is by far the most thorough way to ensure
the elements of nature are eliminated from your outdoor living space.. I too am very big on the benefits of the romance of rainy weather while remaining dry.

On the other hand if this economy has hindered your pocketbook as it has so many of us
the options seem to be still within our grasp with just a little research via our friend the computer, patience and networking with local friends and craftsmen.. Just try not to rush through your decisions as they could really effect the outcome of this rather simple yet detailed project you are moving forward with.. Once you have built or in this case rebuilt
it, nobody in there right mind wants to do it again, because a rushed decision left your project looking "less than" or unprofessional or worse ! I can't stress to all homeowner's the importance of taking your time to make sure the design you decide on is the one you really want. Look, it's your home, it's your life, do it your way, don't settle for anything less than what makes you smile on the inside as well as the outside, it is key to happiness in life and a state of well being in the mind, body, soul connection we all seek and desire.

You might want to also look into a retractable sail-cloth type of system that can be used with the push of a button. In this type of application you could get rid of the "waves" and
enjoy the benefits of having an open air ceiling (nothing on the rafters) when you wanted to let the sunshine in, partial coverage of the patio roof, or complete coverage of the patio
when the elements of nature are having an adverse effect. Again many colors to choose from and lots of other benefits to this system too. Just look on Google images to do your homework and you will be amazed at what you find and the knowledge you can gain, same with Youtube, they are both wealthy sources to educate yourselves.

Okay, it's been real, it's been fun, heck it's been real fun but I gotta get to work now so how you say euro? "Chow for now" or State side "Bye"
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