My Kitchen Needs a Makeover Stat!

Chad SpringerAugust 18, 2014
I need to figure out what I should about this kitchen in this 1922 home that my roommates and I have just purchased. Basically just looking for the right color scheme and have no idea! It's 2 color scheme right now is red and lime green with white in the background. Needless to say this place hasn't had work in a very long time. The space is terribly crammed and the appliances need to stay. So any ideas on how to make the kitchen magnificent, rich in color and give a whole new vibe? Any suggestions welcome and pictures of your ideas would be appreciated :)
Thank you!
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flair lighting
whats the budget? whats the view from the other end.
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HI -- Well that is a beauty isn't it ? Paint all the cabinets and shelves inside and out white . Benjamin Moore's "Cloud White " or any clean bright white and ceiling too that is close to the fridge (s ?) color . .Add some new chrome handles and knobs like cup pulls on the bottom cabinets and handles or knobs on the uppers . Now paint the walls a taupe (this will not conflict with the floors )and paint window frame too same as walls . If you find a lighter taupe then you could also paint the ceiling that same color for an more modern look. You will need to do a good sanding and primer for the cabinets to start after a good cleaning with some TSP. This should make it look a lot better ..... Good Luck !! PS: If budget allows add some L.E.D. track lighting .
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Deb Bayless - Design for Keeps
Ahhh . . . I can see what you mean by cramped. However, it can be very much improved with color, or rather, the judicious use of color. The 2 white refrigerators means white should be a component for sure. Check out the attached kitchen - white and dark brown cabinets with a light wall color. The pop comes in the floor carpet squares - would certainly take attention away from your linoleum - and the open shelving with colored dishware. Maybe add some lights like the picture below and you're in business.
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Well, it seems pretty rich in color now, lol. I actually like the colors as they appear in the photo, and they seem to work well with the floor. But if you want a change, why not repaint the cabinet doors with a bold color of your choice? Trim could be a lighter color, or white to match the appliances. I don't particularly care for the white edging on the bottom cabinet frames and would suggest painting them all one color. But for some reason, the contrast looks fine on the uppers. Another possibility would be to paint the lower cabinets in a deep shade and the uppers in a lighter one, or vice versa. Are you keeping or changing the counter?
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Paint is your best friend! Remove all cupboards surrounding the windows. Replace with shelving preferably old barn wood or any other interesting wood paint your walls blu gray 91 Farrow&Ball.this colour will hide any ,discolouration of your appliances. Paint your counter tops black the paint store will steer you to the. Right product with prep instructions.

Deep clean everything . Flooring if it is unpleasant pick up an inexpensive washable rug at IKEA .your cup board with the glass front you could paint the inside a light or darker colour. Add a light stick blind for your window covering. Bring in some greenery
And a medium size light over the sink.

You are going to have a great kitchen ,happy decorating
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Chad Springer
Thanks for all the responses and comments they are all great ideas! We were planning on moving one of the refrigerators to a different location of the house to let the kitchen breathe a little bit more. Maybe putting a black dishwasher in it's place. Only dilemma is the ovens awkward placement is unmovable! Wish this place had the space for a small island but I'm afraid that cant happen. I'm curious as to what you guys think how it changes the concept of the kitchen without one of the fridges?
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Hi---since you have white appliances, paint the cabs white... Small space-paint the walls one shade darker than cabs. Low ceiling-paint it blue... Pic for inspiration. Good Luck!
Duneier Design, Holiday House Hamptons · More Info
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flair lighting
why have two, sell them both and get one nice fridge. i agree clean the heck out of everything, wish you could just power wash it lol. no black appliances tho, stainless is best and will refect light instead of soaking it up.
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I'm sure getting one of the fridges out of the kitchen would help, but it's hard to make layout suggestions without seeing the kitchen from other angles and in a floor plan, even a hand drawn one. I can't even tell where the range is. Is that it peeking out from behind the fridge in the second photo? If so, yikes!
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Deb Bayless - Design for Keeps
Still a little hard to discern from the photos, but is that a black range to the left of the refrigerator on the right in the photo? And, is that the refrig that would be moved? If so, perhaps at that wall you could add a small rounded countertop for 2 stools? your color scheme is now more black and white if the 2 appliances are black and fridge white. Maybe add a pop of red or retro accessories. might provide some inspiration also.
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