Shabby chic bedroom - wallpaper or no?
August 18, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Hi all. I'm new to this site and I'm really looking forward to getting some advice.

My husband and I purchased a house and the first thing we are fixing up is the master bedroom. Our bedroom furniture, accessories, etc. are all hues of off-white with a shabby chic theme. Originally I was planning on painting the walls a shade of off-white, however I found this toile wallpaper (from Toiles de Jouy 2 - Pastoral Toile) and fell in love. Should I wallpaper the entire room or just one wall (behind the bed) to prevent overkill? Also, if I do wallpaper only one wall, should I paint the other walls the light, background color of the wallpaper or match the darker shade (I'm assuming the prior)?

I apologize in advance if these questions seem silly. This is my first time where I've been able to make decorating decisions and any advice would be very much appreciated!
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Don't apologize. Your questions are perfectly reasonable.

If this was my house, I'd wallpaper the wall behind the headboard, and paint the other walls the tannish gold color.

You're going to want to get a good match of the paint color so get all the paint swatches in that color range you can, cut them apart if there are a bunch on a card and lay them on top of a large piece of the wallpaper. Those that are clearly not a match pick up. Now you're left with those that are a potential match. Examine each one closely to make sure the colors are the same. When you have it narrowed down to 2 or 3, buy samples of paint along with some poster boards or small pieces of sheet rock used in wall repair. Paint them, and compare them to the wallpaper. Make sure you do this is different light--low, medium and bright light to make sure you like how it looks. I just went through this figuring out the right color for a multi-colored floor, and it came out very nicely!
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Nancy Walton
I agree with Hayley. If you go with a cream your room will look like a hospital room. The color will be just enough, and you can use a couple of colored throw pillows, but no more than that for color.
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I agree with Hayley and Nancy....But I have one question for you....Are you planning on being in this home for a good many years ? If so, get what you love and run with it. If you think there is any chance you would have to put your house on the market in the next ...say...5 years, I would think twice about putting wallpaper up. Wallpaper is notoriously difficult to remove and everyone has different tastes. When I was shopping for a house, I rejected any home that was wallpapered because I didnt want the messy and laborious task of having to remove the wallpaper and painting the walls before moving in. Sorry to be a wet blanket but I a "says what I feel".
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Nancy Walton
The newer wall paper today is not that difficult to remove, just make sure you look for some that says "dry strippable."
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JudyG Designs
I love wallpaper. it is expensive, but can give rooms a special feel. I also love toile. Were it my room I would paper the entire room and paint the ceiling something like BM AF constellation.
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I have a similar toile on my bed. I love it, but less is more so do the wall behind your headboard and paint the rest, as mentioned above.
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Mary Dillon
I vote strongly in favor of what hayleydaniels said, especially about painting the rest to match the darker color in your wallpaper. That will provide plenty of welcome contrast to your other cream/white furniture and make the wallpapered wall really stand out.
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