Paint suggestion?
August 19, 2014 in Design Dilemma
With newly stained concrete floors we are trying to figure out a nice color for the walls. I like this light yellow but my husband is over it. I would like to keep it modern, different, a wow effect, perhaps an accent wall? Im open for change, for something wild and different!!

Any suggestions on colors or wall designs/textures?

What decor colors would pop? Turquoise blue? Hot orange? Lime green?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Yes, I do agree with your husband the yellow washes everything out. What I'd suggest if you want to do an accent wall is do a cool design or wallpaper that includes navy blue and an off white. If you want to paint all the walls then something still in the blue family but with light undertones than navy blue. The reason I'm suggesting blue is because with such a harsh yet warm bronze-ish floor you want to balance is out with something more cooling. Something too warm on the wall might feel suffocating. The below image of the bathroom isn't really a good photo because the floors are wood not concrete & they're brown but it'll hopefully give you an idea of the color palette I was aiming for. Hope I could help good luck!
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Leave the wall with the fireplace in the existing yellow tone.
Change the color of the other walls and the color of the doors and skirting board as proposed in the color scheme with the name 'Powder cloud'. This color scheme you can find here: (on the bottom of the page).
Pop up colors: Use the painting obove the chimney as a source of inspiration. Choose your favorite color from the color ranges of orange and green.

Happy coloring!

Paul Zoller for Farbica
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Here is one idea for wall color with a slight green undertone to help 'warm' up the space a bit.

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I found you a photo of a house with bold colors and a brown concrete floor. Yours turned out gorgeous, by the way! If you click on the photo, you should be able to see any other photos of the home, as well as similar homes 'liked' by other houzzers. I hope that is helpful for you.

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Décor Aid
That’s a really nice rich brown floor you have. That plus the leathers and browns in the room really add a lot of warmth. The space itself is a really good size, too. If the walls are painted with a really strong color like an orange or green then the space would be a bit overwhelmed with color. You mentioned you’d like to keep a modern look in the room, and painting the walls white and using accent colors in the room décor will provide you with a really great balance of warmth, modern sophistication and elegance. An aubergine, or turquoise accent color throughout the rooms décor would balance well with the brown hues. Here’s an example of a brown concrete floor with a neutral white backdrop and pops of pink. Hope this helps! - Decor Aid
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anne dee
the floor in this pics resembles yr floor colour and similar FP
Note the wall colour for yr ref.
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Color in Space Inc.
Yes, your floors are beautiful and definitely begin to move you into a more modern design. To achieve that look, all of the walls and ceiling and trim should be the same color. No white contrasts! Architecturally, the only place where it would make sense to use a bold accent color is above the fireplace behind the art. An accent color there could be pulled from the piece of art and will act as a large matte behind it. We like gray as a neutral for the space with the perimeter of the floor, your black furnishings, and gray accents in the rug.

We have prepackaged color palettes available in Benjamin Moore Paint colors available for purchase on our website and here through Houzz. We invite you to check them out! We've attached images of three of our palettes that will go well with your new floors and decor. We perceive color in relationship to other colors, so finding the right balance with your floors is very important. Changing your paint colors and getting rid of the white especially will make such a BIG difference! You will love it!
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All these are great suggestions. I would've never thought of bringing green or blues. Sounds exciting. White also appeals to me.... Tough decision! Thank you all for your time!!!
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