Need advise for living room

attiarAugust 21, 2014
Hello there,
Our living room is long and narrow. I find no rearranging way of furniture, and feel like everything is arranged by the walls. Brown sofa set needs to stay for now, when we will buy new one, I would like to stick to solid fabric, no prints. I would like to have advise about area rug, curtains, art behind sofas etc, actually all advises to make this room pull together and welcoming. I feel something is missing and I am lost! :)

Thanks a lot in advance for your time!

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Consider switching the piano and sofa by the window to create a more intimate seating arrangement.
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I would start editing. Why is there a zebra beanbag and two ottomans lined up together?
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You have too many throws and pillows all over.
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Thanks Dytecture, I did not think of that. Margo, beanbag was from kids room, it's gone back..I'll remove most of the throws and pillows, thanks. :)
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hi, i think the proplem is you dont have aeras, i think the chair next to ur tv unit is just there to fill the space, i've drawn out a different furniture plan, what do you think about it? piano goes on wall next to the window, 2 armchairs with a coffee table or ( plan on right) a curved couch, for your seating aera like this:
Floating Curved Walnut Sofa · More Info

then you can get a nice console table with artwork or a mirror on top to get a nice focal point when entering the room like this:
Elegant Edgemont by B Fein Interiors · More Info

i thought of a sectional in front of your tv unit but it might break up the open feel of your room , making it look weird and not giving a good traffic flow, what do you think?
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ups, plan didnt get attached...
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here u go...
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a tv unit like this will also use the space more offering a lot of storage
Family room · More Info
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The Classy Home
to make the room large avoid pillows from the couch. use seating bench, ottoman, chaise etc. items for seating area instead of couch and chair. you can also use decorative wall mirror. see living room design
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Donna M
I sees few issues - the piano and TV seating need their own separate areas, for starters. Having the other couch so close to the French doors adds to the clutter feel. I agree, try moving the piano, place the brown couch perpendicular to the Tv couch. You may try some fabric curtain window treatment over the French doors to remove that awkwardness of having the couch so close. I would get rid of the arm chairs for now (or own of the couches) and creating two areas in the room. Use two rugs to define the areas. Across from the large opening, where you have the piano now, get the equivalent of an entry table, artwork above, to help create welcome when entering the room, and the separation of the two areas.
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Donna M
Sorry for the crazy spelling! I would update the current window treatment with 2 or 3 inch white wooden blinds, or curtains. I agree cleaning up the TV Wall with a nice (but skinny!) shelving unit is a great idea. Suggestions by Interior (above) are spot on, which I see now after looking at the floor plan attachments!
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First of all, thank you everyone for your time and the useful suggestions.

decoentusiaste: If it was up to me, I had removed the TV altogether from the living room. :) But that is the only room we have space for TV.

interiordesignme: Thanks a lot for the floor plan, it helped tremendously to see the room from above. :) you are so right, the sofa beside TV is to fill up empty space, The wall where you suggested the piano to go, is not wide enough for piano, I could move piano to the opposite side. Gray sectional can be moved in front of TV, it's chaise can be on either side, so it can be along with French door. Full wall TV unit appeals to me.

The Classy Home: I have removed most of the pillows and throws. I was thinking the will give cozy feel, but seems like the effect was opposite.

Donna M. : I wish the room was larger so we could have some space between sofa and French door. I'll add curtains for sure, just have not come that far. Also the area rugs for the to seating areas as suggested by interiodesignme.

Thank you again for all your help!

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