Need major advice for a church sanctuary
August 24, 2014 in Design Dilemma
This is a picture of the left side wall of our sanctuary we are renovating (leasing). The previous people decided that lattice would be a good cover for what is apparently an oped duct work area above a false ceiling. it has been nailed to the drywall on the bottom and suspended with wires on the top to parts of the frame of an exposed, blacked out ceiling (that part looks fine). I desperately need to fix this huge eye sore. Please share any opinions, advice, etc on would would like nice and be structurally sound. Thanks in advance! Also, we are using Sherwin Williams sticks and stones paint color all the way to the blacked out ceiling. Please add any additional sanctuary comments if you would like. It's not your typical setup so a little hard to think through. Also, any suggestions for the window? And as far as the front platform wall, the curtains are being removed and it will be painted as well.
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Hi Rachel . You could consider replacing the lattice with some decorative panels . See images below. Although these were used in restaurant/home renovations, the application may be somewhat similar. In regards to the design, generally you can choose something from a standard range of have something custom design in a beautiful pattern to suit your space.
Just a thought !
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Thx urban metal! Where might I find some standard panel options? What would they be called? I'm afraid of the custom pricing for this project. Also, how would I attach it. And, do you think that extending the drywall up the space is an option. The opposite lateral wall is a high wall that is drywalled 3/4 of the way up and then bricked above it. It'll all be painted.
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Hi Rachel. Where are you located? We are based in Australia (I'm guessing you are in the USA ???) . To give you an idea, you can check our website . I would search for "laser cut panels" or "decorative screening" . They are quite versatile and can be easily framed with a timber surround.
I probably wouldn't extend the dry wall as I think it will make the space look quite heavy.
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Why not continue the drywall up as it is on the left?
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I need some help with the how-to process. The other side of the wall (beyond the black lattice) has a drop ceiling. So would we need to build another wall structure directly on top of the existing wall? How should we support it? I'm a novice here. Thx for the help!
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Hard to say without better photos, but one idea would be to add acrylic or plexiglass panelling in a dark colour (say red, blue, black or green that will block out the view) adding lights behind the plexiglass but in front of the ducts will illuminate the panels but hide what is behind it and give a wonderful colour... like a modern stained glass...

You can get these at Home Depot or Lowes and ask them about framing to hold them in place. They are inexpensive and come in a range of colours these days.
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Yes, you would need to frame a new wall. You need someone on site to say how. You might find a ladder and look at how it was done elsewhere in the space.

Who is working on this? Volunteers from the congregation? Is there no one with any construction experience?
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Another pic of the top of the wall after removing a lattice panel
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