What should I change in my kitchen?
August 27, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Hello all! I've gotten some awesome advice on here - especially regarding painting my living room navy (which i LOVE). So I'm back with my current issue. Our kitchen. While beautiful…it's dark. Dark cabs, dark counters. Gets ok light, but usually late afternoon light as it's south facing. I love a white kitchen - but am not sure I want to/should pay to get cabinets painted? I do have 3 little boys and worry about prints. But would do it if it would help. Or change counters? Go lighter? We also have no backsplash. I am not sure what will look good but also need to def decide what we should do with cabs/counters first. Would love a different design in backsplash over stove, maybe with a pot filler.
I am hoping you all have suggestions. Do I change one thing - all things? I just can't seem to figure out what will look best.
Thanks in advance!!!
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Valley Floors
Can you post some more photos of your space so we can get a better sense of the room?
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I would leave the countertops and add a backsplash with shiny cream color subway tiles. As far as the cabinets, paint! Just make sure your painter uses oil-base paint and the spray method...leaves no brush marks. The oil paint is very durable and cleans easily with no fear of the "chipping" problem. Don't know what kind of lighting you have, but updates may help, like a chandelier instead of a typical light fixture, and under-counter lights BEFORE you install a backsplash so the wires can be run behind it.
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Kevin Strader
Maybe a cream color tile with some ORB accent tiles to tie it in with your hardware. They look like really nice wood cabinets so I wouldn't paint them.
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DirectBuy of Fort Worth
Leave the cabinets and countertops be. Add under cabinet lighting and a light colored backsplash. Maybe in a glass to reflect light and brighten it up. Then change out the cabinet pulls to stainless
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Cancork Floor Inc.
The flooring, while beautifully done, is a mid-tone that has been matched to the cabinets (or extremely complimentary). This makes the cabs/flooring a tone-on-tone monontonous blur. A beatiful blur...but a blur none-the-less. Now add black counter top and you have completed the "dark kitchen". If you change the cabinets...you are going to be looking at the flooring for your inspiration for colours. An off-white or antique white on the cabs would really work well with the floors. This is a big job...with a big price tag.

A quick pick-me up for the kitchen could be an off-white counter top and backsplash combo. In the design world, white and black can be interchangeable. You can achieve an instant lift with a lighter counter top. Of course the counter top is going to have a big price tag...but probably only half of what painting/restaining your cabinets will cost.
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Shoot. Sorry, it didn't upload the other ones the first time! Here's more pics
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Valley Floors
Thanks for the additional photos! You have a lovely kitchen, but I can see what your concern is.
Changing your countertops to a lighter color will certainly help, but I think lighter cabinets will really give you the feeling you are trying to achieve.
I would hire a professional painter for your project.; you have a large kitchen with a lot of detail. A combination of lighter countertops and cabinets will really brighten things up and make the room feel less heavy.
Good luck with your project, and keep us posted!
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Valley Floors
I just saw the gorgeous photos of your living room...Now I'm convinced you should paint the cabinets and replace the countertops.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Now that I've seen the other photos, I don't think a counter top swap is going to cut it. Leave the counter tops and bring in a lovely off-white that will (from a distance) take some smudges without being highly visible. If you want to add a bit of visible interest, you can leave the island black but resurface with an off-white counter top (a match to cabinet colour would be a great statement). The only other option to lighten this space would be to add a tremendous amount of lighting AND lighten the floors. Painting the cabinets will have a better effect will slightly better costs.

Off-white is your best option because of the floor colour. A crisp white will look good but it might not look right up against the floor.
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