Mixing window treatments: is it okay to mix plantation shutters on some windows, drapes on others?
oconeelakehouseApril 18, 2012
We are building a lake home. It is farmhouse/cottage style. Standing in the master bedroom: Wall directly ahead is the lake front wall with a glass door, a picture window and a window. This will not get as much sun as there is a large covered porch outside. Wall to the right has two windows on either side of the bed. This will get a lot of direct afternoon sun. I would really love to install plantation shutters on the bed side windows. I will have them in all the bedrooms and they fit the style of the home. Since I don't want to cover up the view, I'm stuck on the lake view windows. Plantation shutters would block the view and also not work due to the big picture window. I was thinking of fabric panels that I could close at night or Hunter Douglas screen roller shades that you can still see the view if they are down, but pretty much disappear when open. There is room on either side of the door and window for the panels to hang when open. I'm leaning towards the drapery panels. Is it okay to mix different window treatments in a room?
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Mona Ives
I would suggest you do white textured wood blinds in all the windows instead of shutters, as they have the cottage look and fit in with shutters in the other rooms. Then layer drapes on all windows so they are all treated the same way. In rare cases I think it's ok not to use the same window treatment - such as when there are two rooms that are different in function but open to each other (like a kitchen and living room), but in a bedroom I think it would look unfinished or disjointed a little bit. You will probably get a lot of different opinions on that, but if I was you designer this is what I'd advise you. You could also black out line the drapes so that if you wanted more light restriction you could always close drapes over the blinds.
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Thank you, Mona. I am not a fan of the textured white wood blinds...so I will have to come up with an alternative. I may just do drapes on all windows and black out lining as you suggested...
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P.s. I have read articles stating that it is acceptable to mix treatments...even here on Houzz!
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Steel Windows and Doors
Yes of course. We have clients that mix plantations shutters and soft window treatments all the time. I fact I would suggest motorized blackout shades and draperies for your master bedroom.
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Thank you for your response. Are you saying it is okay to do motorized shades and drapes on the lake side wall and plantation shutters on the bedside wall? I think that may be too much for me. And I don't want to do it on all the walls as I am really hoping to pull off plantation shutters on the bed wall and a different treatment on the lake side wall such as panels that can ce open during the day or the shades...but not both together...
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Sheila's Window Toppers & More Ltd
I own a Window Covering Store and in this situation I would not advise to use different products in the bedroom. If you want shutters and panels this is fine as you can hang panels on the windows that you put the shutters on to soften the look of the shutters. We do this all the time. I have shutters throughout my own home and have draperies on top of some of the shutters, especially in the bedrooms. In my family room I have side panels flanking the shutters. You could put shutters on the side wall with a decorative rod and side panels and then full funtioning drapes made out of the same fabric as the panels for the view windows with the same decorative rod. This way the windows would be somewhat similar.
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The Blind and Drapery Corner
Keep in mind that while you have great view through a screen shade during the day, there is also a view into the room at night from the outside, though flitered. I'm just saying...this is the bedroom.
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The biggest challenge is to work within your budget. With many layers of window coverings, it gets very costly. You may want to do it in stages, maybe the hard treatments first, then add the soft treatments.
EPDM Rubber
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Julie Thome Draperies, Inc.
It is your room and at the end of the day you can do what you wish, however I am with some of the others that I really would NOT mix window coverings in a Master Bedroom. Other rooms like a family or living room MIGHT be OK.
I think for your bedroom, drapery panels are the most versatile for all the things you require, and it is a simple request to have them blackout lined.
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Can I ask what you ended up doing? I have the same situation in our master bedroom. I would like shutters on 2 windows by our bed that calls for privacy as they face another house, but our larger side window faces a tree farm and is a gorgeous view. Very interested to hear the end result for you.
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Ellen Horn
I would install fabric panels on all windows, including the ones with shutters, for continuity. Do not need to put shutters on all windows, though.
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Cat Rowe
I saw mix in a model home and it was gorgeous. Plantation shutters were on the two windows flanking the bed where direct sun came in. Then on the wall to the right where there was small French doors to a Juliet balcony, full length drapes on rings that could be pulled shut at night. You can definitely mix window treatments. Look at KMI books. She uses full length panels on certain windows then folding shades of the same fabrics on other windows in the same room.
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I bought a lake house with the same situation - tall skinny windows (overlooking the neighbor) on either side of the bed, and a large door/window unit overlooking the lake. When purchased, the previous owner left the lake door/window covered with good quality, thick cream colored drapes and swags as well as a blackout curtain. The skinny windows had the same drapes with swags, with quality paper shades inset into the window for more sun protection and privacy. This look seemed too formal to me, so I removed the skinny window drapes and all the swags. I liked the cleaner, lighter look...so in my remodel I am putting the luscious cream drapes back up on the large door/window and rather than the paper shades I am going to have shutters put on the two skinny windows. I will not be adding drapes to these windows beside the bed as I want a cleaner, airier look. Haven't decided if I will use a traverse rod or black iron rod and rings for the drapes.

I will also be mixing drapes and shutters in my 10x20 sun room (with full length windows on three sides and a tile floor). The previous owner had wooden blinds in the windows and drapes at one end. It was pretty noisy. I will put full length drapes on both ends of the room, window shutters on the windows along the long wall, and a thick rug on the floor. The additional drapery as well as a large tapestry hanging on the back wall will help soften all the hard surfaces so noise won't be bouncing all over the room!

I might be breaking all the rules, but I think the mix of drapery and shutters in these two rooms will give me the informal, classy look I'm trying to achieve. I'll be done within the month, so if I've made a mistake I'll report back. Otherwise, I'll be flitting from room to room, smiling!!!!!
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