Male teen room design
August 30, 2014 in Design Dilemma
gutted the room, plastered the walls to smooth, took down all the popcorn and plastered the ceiling smooth. My son put acrylic paint into the plaster to make a marble look on walls. The color is turquoise marble. I am sealing the plaster, but my son would like his ceiling painted and i think at least one wall should be painted to tie in the marble. Any advise? Oh the floors were torn out and we did stained concrete.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Painting the ceiling the palest color in the marble might work well.
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sorry about the "advise" should be "advice".
   September 5, 2014 at 5:45AM
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You're making a very cool room - cool in texture, but also psychologically cold.

Carolyn's advice about the ceiling is spot on. One wall could be painted the darkest turquoise to bring back some warmth into the room. Then use the second photo as inspiration for finishing the room
Upward Bound House - Vanessa De Vargas
Uptown High Rise
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   September 5, 2014 at 7:23AM
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Shannon Olden
let him decide. keep in mind he will not be a teen for long. tho it looks like you have 4 boys LOL? ikea has many rugs that would work in the space for as long as he needs it without spending a fortune.
what he will need is a desk and room for a laptop. other than that a music source (phone,ipod) and an ALARM clock LOL. at 14 my son chose blue and green for his room. now that he is at university he couldn't care less LOL...the clothes live on the floor or in a suitcase.
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Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique
Well done for thinking outside of the box. But I have some reservations about this room. The textured marble-inspired walls are really interesting but create a classical look (and in the photos they almost looks floral). The concrete floors (please post a photo) will create a more industrial feel. The turquoise is also unexpected - both in terms of marble and a teenage boy's space.

I'm not sure what look you (or your son) is striving for. How do you see the final space "feeling" - only then could you get the advice you need. The above rugs are lovely but (I'm sorry to say) would just confuse the space even more.

Re your question about one accent wall - I think that might just make the space disjointed. Re the ceiling, it depends on your concrete floor - if it is light it could be interesting to paint the ceiling charcoal. Still, I wouldn't move forward until you had a very clear idea of what you want to achieve with this room.

Hope this helps (and doesn't hinder). Good luck from Montreal!
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I agree with Rebecca on all points, esp. about the rugs, and I do love the rugs. The walls are on the busy side so would need something neutral or modern, depending on the look you are going for, as Rebecca highlighted. Also, the furniture seems traditional and dark. Consider painting using an Amy Howard paint to soften the look of the furniture. The grey with the wax stain is beautiful, classic, and neither feminine. nor masculine.
If it's not too late, I would tone down the darker turquoise color, adding more of the lightest, to more resemble the marble effect (try having a pix of marble as a reference), Then bring in the turquoise color through accent pillows and art work (that your son could paint himself, as he seems to have an interest, making it even more his room and something he can take with him to college....). Remember, trying something new is always fun and interesting. It can be a learning experience and there is nothing wrong with revisiting and "tweaking" the finished product. I have two boys myself, one is a teen. It is wonderful that they take interest in "decorating" their space. Enjoy.
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Decorative Philosophy
WHAT a great start! Industrial, yet the "marbelizing" softens it as should a fabulous Flokati rug. LOVE flokati rugs. Use the natural color, or perhaps turquoise. We think it is great that he chose turquoise for the "marbelizing"
Paint the ceiling dark so it is like a night sky....WOW that could be fantastic.
Joseph had black furniture in his room that he made when he was a teen and I had a dark brown ceiling.
Let your son have a great time doing his room inexpensively and in his own way. Could be the start of a great career!
He would probably love the resin panels Joseph designed for Karen's Studio. (see them in the studio project)
See what he thinks of our B/W pillows for accents or a piece of Karen's affordable art.
Keep looking at our market place as we are posting many new pieces this week.
Karen & Joseph
for Decorative Philosophy
   September 7, 2014 at 6:41AM
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I would take everything Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID has to say and run with it! She's a gift to you. I was lost in a room last year and Carolyn masterfully walked me through the details. My son loved the color so much he ASKED to paint his the same... and he's your typical uninterested in decorating 16 year old guy. We took the project on as a team and had a great time! I found out later he'd even texted out photos of the progress ... so there's proof and kudos to the Houzzer who suggested involving your son.

We painted his room in Benjamin Moore's sillhouette - the turquoise ceiling might be AMAZING with a similar color and your floors! Although the color is dark, the room feels full of light and energy. It is absolutely my favorite! Good Luck!
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That's very creative, I like it. Yes, I think I agree with you, a wall in a solid blue (probably one of the darker hues pictured) to tie in.
   September 7, 2014 at 8:18AM
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I hate to be negative but I think that this pattern on all of the walls is way too busy. Leave this pattern at the head of the bed wall as an accent and paint the other three walls a solid color in either the lightest of the teal or even a light grey. Choose a modern simple rug something like a beige/grey/Teal stripe or geometric small design to anchor the room and create a more masculine feel. All bedding and other furnishings should be neutral white, beige or grey. Then bring in one bright warm color like Red, orange, yellow in either a bed pillow, desk chair or some other accessory. Teal seams to be the color for teenage boys this year, a number of us are facing the same dilemma coordinating furnishings. Note - a medium to darker grey will give a more mature look to the room. Good luck and use it in good health!
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I have to agree with smartee222; when I looked at the photo yesterday, I didn't know what to suggest. I think the patterned wall only behind his bed and rest of room a deep blue..he may not tire of it as quickly and I also feel it would create a more masculine, youthful and more modern room.
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I would keep It simple, and just paint the window frame and baseboards the marble *anchor* color, and use it again in the bedding and curtains.
   September 7, 2014 at 3:00PM
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to remove the "classic-look of marble" might I suggest a bold dark turquoise overstripe on the accent wall across the bed or behind running up the ceiling ..
   September 8, 2014 at 5:21PM
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If he was willing to do all that work to the walls, he obviously really wanted marble! Does he like the result so far? If so, embrace it! There aren't many who are willing to go outside run-of-the-mill. White crown molding would help the transition to the ceiling. You could add a rug in the same hue as the floor, but just one or two shades lighter. It would add texture and sound dampening, but not distract from the other elements. I also agree with the person who suggested a sofa. A Chesterfield sofa or chair would be masculine and have the weight needed to carry off the marble. Then add modern touches through HUGE music posters (which could be easily changed), which would be a focal point and personalize an otherwise reserved room. Don't worry about adding in a bunch of accent pillows or kitschy "decor" items. If you keep all the color in the wall art, the rest of the room will look totally cohesive in just the turquoise and gray. And I think a white ceiling would be the least oppressive.
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Chesterfield chair
   September 9, 2014 at 6:11AM
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Gray bedding
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I will post pictures of this room as soon as I get the crown moulding up. We went with a turquoise ceiling in an eggshell sheen and it looks nice. I took uncannyannie's advice and went with grey bedding, flows nicely.
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