Need Help on window coverings!
Libbie Burling
August 30, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I have to say I hate window coverings to begin with but these are really tough for me. The bay window currently has Pella enclosed blinds (which have to go.. as they are a mess). The second window currently has nothing on it. I am looking for suggestions/help. The room is grey, trim is white and we painted the front door teal (sorry the pictures are appears lighting may need to be addressed also!) The room is only 18 x 24.
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Kudos for your obvious good taste...

the windows could benefit firstly from eliminating the white a trim and replacing it w/a color matching or close to wall color.

This done the windows fade away a little

Next a softer element on the windows would allow the eye to be drawn to the beautiful furnishings. Sheers such as linen gauze or textured non shiny fabric could cover entire window and be pushed aside if needed.. Sheers also could be colored in the same hue as the wall and window trim for a more subtle effect or a lighter shade for drama

Behind the sheers bamboo or tortoise shell reed shades could provide more shade when needed..the shades look lovely even when up w/ only a small part showing...

these textures would enhance rather than distract as the bare windows do now
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Here are some suggestions for your room.

Lower the TV about 12 inches.

Scoot large mirror behind the sofa where the wall is blank and remove the shelf on the adjoining wall.

Also, try centering the longest section of the sofa on the wall (with the large mirror behind it)

Consider Roman shades for your windows.

You don't need two mirrors in the same room--move round one to another room.
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Sofa doesn't need to be jammed in the corner. Pull it away from the wall with the window.

More pictures would help.
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Libbie Burling
I like the idea of Roman blinds and think the stark white is harsh. What about the second window?
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Roman blinds are lovely, but they are a bit of a pain if you have to close them every evening. Perhaps another type of blind would be easier (starting about 1/3 of the way down for interest).[houzz=
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Roman shades for all of the windows to give your room(s) some continunity. You have lots of stuff and things going on. All of the shelves are distracting. It won't cost you a thing to try some different arrangements with your sofa and the huge mirror.

Your rug is out of whack--it needs to be centered with the sofa instead of sticking out beyond it on the right.

You've got nice things but they're taking away from each other because everything is so scattered and busy.

Your shelves might work if they were started about 25" off the floor and were all 3 put on the wall where the two are now. They should be all grouped together.
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Love your shaggy footstool.
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would you help me by talking a bit about the pella enclosed blinds?
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