Proper length of sofa table behind a 104" wide sectional.
August 31, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Hi. So happy and grateful to have found this source to ask these questions here. I have been searching for info on width/length of a sofa table for behind my 8' 8" (104") sectional with chaise. I read that a sofa table should be at least 20-32" shorter than the length of the sectional. That puts me at either a 72" L sofa table or as long as 84" L. It has been quite a search and I am on a budget. I can't see spending a lot because you can't see the sofa table as it is up against the wall behind the sofa. It is a very long table even at that and I was thinking I might want more versatility. Would it be a proper design placement if I used two 48" sofa tables spaced evenly behind the sofa? I realize I could put them together to create the illusion of one long table (as long as they meet flush) but I wonder if it wouldn't look better to purposely leave a space between them?

If I do use two 48" sofa tables, I thought the versatility would be helpful should I want to use them in other ways around the house and change the layout of the living room.

Thank you so much.
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Forget about two sofa tables there, go for art on the wall above the sofa. It should hang 5" above the sofa back, be no wider than 75% of the sofa's width and not hang above the door and window frames. Where you need a console table is by the entry, without the coat rack.
Side tables and lamps are in order and this chart will help you get them right.
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THANK YOU. That is good advice. I am working on the wall above the couch. I am using the rectangle theory you mention...not to exceed 2/3rds of the length of the sofa and 3-4 feet high to fill space.
Then, your suggestion is to push couch against wall or leave it were it is 16" from wall to float without the support of a sofa table?
I have now one turquoise metal stacking table on the chaise side. So I would be adding a different end table to the other side as I don't have a second one of the same. I could see putting two identical table lamps on the two different side tables? That would work even though the tables are different as long as they are the same height?
I appreciate your help.

P.S. I see the value of a console table by the door. The coat rack is useful there and I am not sure where I would re locate it. I have another door which is the inside entry of the building. I imagine that would be the right location?
August 31, 2014 at 11:12AM   
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I would center the sofa on the wall, and against the wall and you'll have more floor space to arrange the chairs. The round barrel looking table left of the sofa needs replacing too. Different tables and matching lamps can work very well if the heights are equal. Take the coat rack to where you want people to leave coats. If the entry of the building would not be a safe place to leave coats you might need to rethink that location.
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Believe it or not ...the couch is centered ...the photo is distorted. So, ummmm. I had pushed it up against the wall and thought it was more space for the orange chairs. I wasn't sure but considered placing them one at one end of couch and one at other chaise end? How would you place them? They are both recliners.

The basket table has a matching small basket that sits 6 inches lower without glass and I usually have them hug each other forming a sort of double circle. I loved their dual function. I imagine you are thinking of a different style, color and texture?
August 31, 2014 at 4:22PM   
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Whoops...I mistook the dark brown tables for the large barrel table you were actually referring to on the left side of the couch. Oops. I love that table. I have the most wonderful vinette arranged on a round mirror that sits perfectly on the barrel table.
I get the idea of balancing two coffee tables with matching lamps on either side of couch with the barrel removed. I thought it was nestled by the window enough to create a an interesting asymmetry. ;/
Any idea where I could relocate it?
August 31, 2014 at 5:40PM   
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The barrel table reminds me of an industrial cable spool like we used in college along with our concrete block bookcases because we couldn't afford better. It is too tall to use beside the sofa. You could paint it with outdoor patio or floor paint, get a larger piece of glass for it, add some folding or acrylic chairs and use it outside on a deck or patio for dining. I think it is too big to qualify for "nestling!" lol
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Omg! You are funny. My first kitchen table was an industrial spool. You have a good point. It was actually the base of a kitchen table I purchased in the early 90s and long after its' use I couldn't retire the base; because I loved its texture and strength of presence. You are right however, it really would make a good outside table. I didn't think about the height before you mentioned it. That makes sense as I selected my couch based on the height of the orange recliners to be sure they would be the same.

So, my "nestling" energy is interrupted with the tall spool like table. When I set it up with the mirror (that fit perfectly by accident) I became inspired by my recollection of the round tables you might see in a lobby of a home decorated with a collection of treasures. Oh, I love this display! I guess I need to love it somewhere else? Eeeeek. This is going to be hard. I thought because I was able to push it away into the corner and center the sofa on the wall space that was left it would be like having a "built in" in its' presence. Kind of there but not really, as there is enough wall space past it for the large sofa and two end tables you recommend.

I have attached a new photo of the sofa pushed up against the wall. Now the furniture isn't on the rug except for the foot of the chaise. I do understand furniture needs to be on or off the rug?

So, my tall spool table isn't a compliment even though it is an interesting vignette? ;/

I have two gorgeous Icelandic sheepskins, in the shades of tiramasu, coming by international delivery, to cover the chairs for added texture and a "superb nestling quotient"! So excited about them. I will be sure to send you the photos when they arrive. It should be soon.

Ok, I have attached two new photos. I want you to see the value of the vignette I created on the table up close and see what I mean about the couch pushed back against the wall with plenty of room for the necessary end tables. Ignore the temporary orange table.

I so appreciate having these conversations with you. Thank you.
September 1, 2014 at 8:28AM   
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This may sound odd, but what would you think about laying the rug on the diagonal with a corner of it under the sofa? Personally, I'd prefer a rug large enough to settle under the first 1/3 of the sofa and all the way under the chaise, with about 10-15" sticking out on each side of the sofa. Since you have this one and it is a good color, try it on the diagonal. You might try your spool table vignette on the basket table. Try the plate, "by the sea" element and two round votive holders on the smaller table. Put all the rest if it on the larger one. When you get the rug adjusted move the basket table 18" from the sofa so it will be useful.
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Oh, interesting. I will think about these suggestions of course. You are right, sometimes the "odd" isn't so odd when it is done. This rug is 8x10 and I could also just move it toward the wall about a foot and it would be covered by the sofa and the chairs could still have their "front paws" on it. I will try that first. It is going to be hard to break down my vignette but I will try.
Thanks again. The second small basket is very useful for storage and remotes already.
September 1, 2014 at 1:27PM   
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Vintage Jazz.....
Your spool table might well look out of place ...
But it's something
That is ...
the remnants of a thing past
Yes maybe remodel it for elsewhere...
But do keep it...
BTW. Love your tall yellow vases fab fab
September 1, 2014 at 1:59PM     
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Thank you. I'm glad to hear you liked my tall yellow vases. They were a great buy and find at site for the most unusual furnishings.

Thanks for sharing the vision of keeping my fave things but letting in new is just as important to do.
September 1, 2014 at 3:15PM     
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Vintage Jazz.....
Oh never stop new coming
into ones home ..
But i never let on to my husband ...
I always say.... oh I've had it ages !!!
Always worked for me ...
September 1, 2014 at 3:28PM     
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So funny! I don't have a husband but I will certainly remember that "perfect answer"! ;)
September 1, 2014 at 3:33PM     
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Vintage Jazz.....
You never know what or who
you might find on Houzz
Very helpful site!!!!!
September 1, 2014 at 3:36PM     
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Thank you, VJ! My inkling likes it...;)
September 1, 2014 at 3:41PM     
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Vintage Jazz.....
My women's intuition thought you might ...
We get little inklings ..especially late at night ...
Always carry a pen and note pad ...
If that fails ... There's always a late night snack ...called the fridge attack ...
September 1, 2014 at 4:11PM   
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Too funny. Agh! I'm on a sugar detox by "room" for error! Lmao. Get it, "room" and we are on Houzz looking at rooms...eek!
September 1, 2014 at 4:26PM   
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