Need help for my living room lighting situation
Katherine Jimenez
September 4, 2014
We live in one of those houses that doesn't have built in lighting-I don't know who would design a house without it, but lets not open that can of worms! Anyways, I have a small wall that is home to a little seating area that i just cannot figure out lighting for the life of me. I currently have a small light on the center console, but its not enough. When we have parties, I use this table for the dessert bar setup and it just doesn't provide enough light--or room--since I have to have this little lamp there. I'm not really wanting a floor lamp because I want more direct light on the table itself--I'm completely out of ideas! HELP!
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Manhattan Home Design
Believe it or not, they make battery powered sconces that don't require wiring. They usually have LEDs which are bright and last for thousands of hours. Two of these flanking that mirror would do the job well. You could also find one with a downward pointing ray and center that above the mirror. Keep in mind sconces can point down, out (away from wall) or both. Here's a link to some on Amazon so you can get an idea:
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Could you add wall sconces?
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Katherine Jimenez
I thought of that, but if I added one above each chair the wires would be seen from under the chair--and if theres one thing I hate more than bad lighting, its exposed wires!!
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If you are against having an electrician add lighting, perhaps simple track lighting on ceiling and angle them to spot light. I know you said no floor lamps, but perhaps one that can stay behind a chair and the long arm style one can reach over. Keeping the floor clear around table.
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Not ideal, but since you have a plug there for the table lamp, why not install a non-hard-wired pendant lamp for over that table with a white cord you can run along the window. A white hook in the ceiling will hold it. I temporarily lived in a house that had an amazing pendant fixture that wasn't hard wired but plugged in, with the white wire running all the way from a corner. The owners even left a little swag in the wiring, which ran from a corner. It's not the worst thing if the light you get is beautiful.
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Here are some wall-mounted lamps with long arms from Shades of Light. Google "Long-armed swing lamps" to see what comes up.
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B Paton
If people sit here, it looks a little awkward to put your drink up there, because this cabinet is higher than the armrests on your chairs. You're just asking for spills after a cocktail or two! Do you have another spot in your room to put this cabinet so you can use it for your dessert table when needed? I would add a side table no higher than the chair arms and add a larger lamp. Maybe lower the mirror 4 inches or so, nobody will hit their head on it sitting in the chairs, honest.
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