Fake Flowers on Dining Room Table

prockmrsApril 22, 2012
Anyone have specific suggestions on fake flowers to put on our dining room table? Looking to get them cheaper not at an Ethan Allen type place.
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I'd vote for a runner and a beautiful wide, shallow bowl rather than fake flowers, however well made. Then you can substitute a vase of fresh flowers when entertaining. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of fake flowers in any context.
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Marie Meko, Allied ASID
I keep an oval planter on the table and purchase two fresh plants from the grocery store about once a month. I do everything from Ferns ,Mums. Pointsetta and Azaleas. Otherwise I agree with the idea of a bowl and some glass candle sticks could be nice with either plan. Good luck it is a lovely room.
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I agree with the runner and bowl, or real flowers. If you want to go with fake flowers still, do you have an Old Time Pottery in your area? They have a huge selection, reasonably priced, and on sale when past the 'colour' season. Some look fake, but others are fairly realistic.
BTW, what colour do you have on your walls in the dining room? I'm repainting, and that's just about the look I'm going for.
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You could check with your local florist to see if they'll do an arrangment of artificial flowers. I had my florist do a beautiful basket of mixed flowers to put on my buffet. And I purchased a vase of tulips with fake water at a fundraiser years ago, which I think is very attractive.

I think artificial flowers today look so real and are very attractive. An arrangement of roses would look good. How about this:
Artificial Flowers, Tangerine Open Roses In Matte Black Ceramic Pot · More Info
- It is 10" H x 13" L x 13" W The colors would look good with your scheme. Make a paper box to simulate the size to see if it is large enough for the table.

Check out this web site. The arrangements are not cheap, but remember they'll look good and last for years. http://www.silkflowers.com/tulip-and-lily/flb574-ms
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HI- I'm a firm believer in no fakes ! But if that's what you really want then get the best you can afford - some look very life like, but my problem with them is people keep them too long and they end up being dusty and faded . I would rather see a grouping of matching objects . Like crystal candle stickes and bowls etc. or 3 to 5 large decorative jars and vases. Or one big oblong bowl. I have a large clear cut glass bowl with several clear glass balls. Concider a footed asian style bowl with silk orchids - those are the only fakes I have liked . You need something that makes a statement !
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Get Back JoJo
I have the best resources for faux. i use them for alot of my clients that have more than one home. if you don't have green thumb like me they really work! especially orchids and large greenery
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Not sure if this would fit what you have in mind, but artificial "botanicals" and succulents look really modern and amazingly true-to-life. I've done some arrangements where I mixed hardy easy-care plants such as snake plant and zz plant in with artificial botanicals such as sticks with "moss" and artificial succulents. Unless you are talented with such things, I'd leave it to a professional...one of my business friends has a trendy little flower shop and he makes things like that to order for his customers. Try to find a shop that is a "cut above the rest" and interested in keeping up with modern design and they probably will be able to help you.

P.S. Also agree with EVERYTHING everybody else has mentioned, that stones, or other displays of objects are probably your best bet. Artificial orchids aren't a bad idea either. Whatever you do, think BALANCE not SYMMETRY. A perfectly placed symmetrical grouping is going to look very fake and awfully outdated.

P.S. Please ignore the awful wallpaper in the pics. I did the project for a client of mine and it was all I could do to keep from ripping it off the walls. =)
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Kiyohara Moffitt
Go with a pretty but simple bowl filled with lemons, which are inexpensive, last a really long time, are useful and smell great.
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Susan Mills Design
Hi there, lots of great ideas coming your way, here's another. How about a painting similar to this one on the wall adjacent to the table, it will pick up the colors of the drapery. I also would love to see this mirror on the wall facing the window, it will pick up the shape of the drapery valance and then I would suggest a grouping of three boxwood globes on the table. A runner under them and along the table would be lovely too.
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Magical Bazaar
about flowers, something delicate like off white to green hydrangeas or
fig tree branches and lemons, but also you walls scream for white moldings/frames- 2 on each wall, with roller paint or painted engraved wall paper inside frames in a color of dusted roses (like your curtains). In the middle of moldings you can attach light fixtures similar to your chandelier with few crystals hanging.
I found some pics on the web just to give a a feeling of hydrangea color and wall moldings.
Your room is so elegant and inviting, you need to make it more French looking.
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Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.
I have a couple ideas. Consider half and half, I've attached a picture of an arrangement that has fake orchids and real plants. You do have to keep the fake flowers free of dust, otherwise it is unsightly. This is a good compromise and it is easy to find really good looking faux orchids. They'll be expensive (about $20 per/stem), but you only have to buy them once. Also, consider succulents in a pretty bowl. There are succulents that feel a little more traditional looking and not as rustic. Try to find a succulent nursery or research online. Hope this helps. Charmean Neithart
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Charmean, like your ideas! Just a reminder for prockmrs though, live succulents generally need a lot of sun and not much water (and potted in a sandy mix) or else they will rot off at "ground level".

I worked as a wholesale supplier to the floral industry for a while, and often made up custom planters for flower shops I did business with. I experimented with succulent gardens but quite frequently they didn't hold up well enough due to low light and overwatering. Unless someone has the green thumb "gift" I recommend mixing high quality artificial botanicals or artificial succulents along with easy-care filler plants. Mixing the two def helps the artificial look more real, especially if you choose good quality artif. plants.
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Prockmrs, what State are you located in?
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I put a grapevine wreath on a clear pedestal glass cake holder without the lid. ( I didn't want the wreath to scratch the table and it also provided a little bit of heigth) .I added the most real silk flowers I could find and wove them around the grapevine wreath. Put a candle in the middle and it's beautiful. I keep it clean and change my centerpiece for every holiday. In December I use the pedestal and have lots of glass ball ornaments, Spring has a bunny or chick and Easter eggs. Thanksgiving my arrangement has pine cones, small gourds, berries, etc. Summer has sea shells or Fourth of July decorations. I always get compliments but I like change and no dust! My friends are always excited to see what I've thought of for a centerpiece.
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Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.
Morning Salvage. Yes, you are right. I have a small one in a sunny spot and I have to take it outside and leave it there for several days of sunshine and outdoor air or else it starts to look sad. Thanks for the reminder. C.
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Fill a sparkling crystal bowl with dried pomegranates; the rosy color will complement your window treatment.
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Cabell Design Studio
Hello Prockmrs,

What a lovely dining room! You have the beginnings of a great entertainment space and with an area rug, a few pieces of art and a centerpiece....you'll be finished!

As a designer, and I know that I buck traditional here, there is nothing wrong with a well maintained faux floral arrangement. I've had to search for a reliable source of faux florals for clients who simply do not want (or can not for allergy reasons) to manage live plants. There is a great source available to you in NDI, link attached. https://ndi.com/shop

I've utilized them for over 20 years for clients, and while they are on the upper end of the price structure, I have never had an issue with either their product or their customer service. Well maintained products should last 10-15 years for you. They are excellent products, gorgeous and are made in the USA. We provide a discount from the retail pricing found on the website.

You might take a look at the following for your table:





Best of luck with your decorating and please let me know if I can be of any assistance,

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Great ideas above! As I used to work as a display stylist for a department store, so I'm extremely biassed in my disdain for fake flowers. Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Wedding Registry...you name it...out came the fake flowers!!! It was lake a silk and plastic Rose Bowl Parade in our prop room! Do dried arrangements for wall/winter, and please try to do something real for spring/summer! If you do have do fake go for the orchids...they are the most convincing!
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a large bowl of fruit? or maybe a small herb garden?
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Sorry about the rant, maybe if you want to introduce an organic element perhaps three nice botanical prints on your back wall, or a floral print area rug would be the way to go. I addition, meant to tell you that you have a lovely dining room!
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Chanell Gautreaux
You can find fake flowers at the dollar store, but why cheapen the look of your lovely room? Consider inexpensive alternatives in wood, ceramic, or glass such as flowers, fruit, or globes. These things are easier to clean than fake flowers which can hold dust or become grimy over time. Another alternative might be pillar candles.
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Where's the OP? I'm still interested to know what colour she has on the walls.
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Mona Ives
I really don't like fakes - but I agree go with a more "botanical" or "topiary" look. Check PB, even Pier 1 has some nice fakes but be very picky about what you use. I'd skip the flowers and just do beautiful and dramatic artwork on the walls.
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Here's a great link on houzz concerning tablescapes with minimal or no flowers! Hope this provides you with some inspiration! Good luck!
Ideabook: Unique Centerpiece Ideas · See Ideabook
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Winward Designs
We think this one would be perfect. http://bit.ly/WnPP3O There is definitely a stigma around using fake but we feel it is a great way to pull color and style into your home. Of course we understand that nothing beats the real thing, but with faux/silk flowers that are well made and professionally designed, you can keep your space looking great all the time. We vote for a tablescape that changes with the seasons or the occasions. Good Luck!

The piece shown is 16" x 16" and priced at $296. Take 25% off this month with coupon code LOVEORCHIDS. Yes, there are cymbidium orchids and red roses in this piece.
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Although the faux arrangements that were suggested, the are very pricey. $700+ for some. To bring in natural elements, consider natural bare branches and greenery? I like the idea of living plants in a pretty container. If you do use faux flowersor plants, i've had good luck in years past taking the arrangement apart and either spraying them clean in the sink or swishing the in a bath with some dish detergent, then rinsing them. My favorite recommendation is botanical or fruit prints on the wall. Then you could have a bowl with faux fruits (all one kind for impact). Pomegranates, lemons, limes, pears or apples can all be convincing. Moss covered spheres are also pretty and bring nature indoors.
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Decorative Arts & Design
Is everything in the room a recent installation?
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There has to be some faux flower arrangements that are realistic but not $ 700.00 on up. Most people can not affford such a luxury. Begining to think Houzz is for people with huge budgets. Even the lighting suggestions on this website are very expensive as well.
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Your table seats 8. Put your two arm chairs at either end and three chairs on each side. Can you turn the table so that it runs horizontally with the window and add a rug? Then choose art/mirror for your back wall and then see what you need for table top.Not the bike, but lots of candles running the length of the table.

Vintage Inspired Dining Room · More Info
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One Kings Lane has some nice looking silk flowers that are not cheap.. look very realistic though.

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3 year old thread, the flowers will be dead by now;(

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