Lighting and headboard
April 26, 2012 in Photo Questions
Your design inspired our current murphy bed look! I'm wondering how you installed your sconces as my guess is that they're not permanent fixtures so the bed can go up. Do they slide off of something? Are the wires exposed? Also, is the headboard part of the murphy bed or is that a separate piece? What is it made of?
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All that glass on the high shelf above is an earthquake hazard!
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My bedroom is designed very much like this. We do not have a murphy bed and the two lamps we have in the same location are hard-wired.
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Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
frank, I assure you that we are on solid ground here in historic charlestown. i will have a lot more worries than broken glass if we had an earthquake- like the bunker hill monument across the street!
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Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
This is not a Murphy bed but, an alcove. 12" deep at shelving, and 18" at the base cabinet. The headboard is a very tight slipcover, sewn in two fabrics-
I have designed murphy beds with small swing arm lighting with the bookcase area-
it was easily moveable when the bed was not in use.
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Thx for the response! Do you have any images of the swing lighting you've installed on murphy beds or links to products that you've used? Were you able to hide the cords or were they cordless? Finally, what did you do with the gap between the wall and the mattress? Lean pillows over it?
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Sheryll Lyn
I think this is just gorgeous! My bedroom is so very tiny and I was thinking of building open shelving on the sides and I have a window to do shelves over and also thee is a slightly vaulted ceiling to deal with (another reason for the 'open' shelves. I am also thinking NO bottom side tables for a more spacious, open look?
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Where did you source the nicely-sized wall scones? Looking for that type of lighting for my alcove, thank you.
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