Need Help With Window Shelves
Fl!p Breskin
May 5, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I'm finally getting my dream windows next month, but haven't been able to figure out the shelving details. We're replacing small kitchen windows with two bigger ones (4'x5' and 4'sq), and pushing the biggest one out a foot (there's a soffit above the window outside to shelter it). We're adding a second layer of sliding window or maybe antique glass cabinet doors on the inside, with a foot of space between the two windows to display my collection of jewel-tone glassware. I'm tired of cleaning greasy kitchen dust off everything.
The smaller 4' square window will push into the house instead of out, to be a total of about 6" deep, and that one will hold bright stemware, glasses, and other narrow dishes.
My dilemma is, I don't know what to use for shelving! Right now I am using wire closet shelving but I'd rather avoid that look in the new windows. Solid wood shelves seem like they'd cut out too much light. I want to put plates & platters on the bottom shelf (sill) of the big window and put some sort of vertical dividers between them, and then put three more shelves above that. I've measured my dishes and nothing is over a foot wide. I use some of this glassware daily, and some just for parties. I want flexibility to be able to shift the often-used dishes to the easiest-to-reach locations.
Our house is a 1905 Victorian and the rest of the house has clear finish fir windows trim. We plan to use the same Victorian trim pattern for the new windows in the kitchen. I've included a living room photo so you can see the trim. The washer and dryer in the first photo are moving out of the way.
If I can do something that would stand up to a moderate earthquake, that would be nice.
Here are some photos of the current jumble of glassware. I'm looking forward to spreading them out so each dish stands alone. Then the forms will shine as well as the colors. I'm also looking forward to closing the inner glass doors so my glassware stays clean!
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Manon Floreat
Cool idea! I've attached a couple of images of how others have treated window shelving. It seems like you could use glass or wood. Given the style of your house, I think I'd go for wood. It doesn't have to be thick, and spaced correctly it shouldn't diminish your light too much.

The first photo placed the shelves so that "panes" were created equidistant from one another. The second is Martha's use of glass shelves. Hope these give you some ideas.
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Fl!p Breskin
Lovely! Thank you.
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As soon as I read this dilemma I thought of a picture in one of my Martha Stewart books- the same one Manon has posted! I think the glass shelves would be perfect for your purpose and shouldn't block very much light, if any. By the way, your house is gorgeous!
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Fl!p Breskin
Thank you!!! I've been putting together an idea book on it:

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Manon Oh I just loved the glass shelves in the windows. I always wanted this done myself glad someone will get their dream look ..
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Manon Floreat
Lol, diann400 - one of the reasons I love Houzz is that I get to live vicariously through others!
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Manon you are so right lol. Now go check out accessories and decor or whatever it is and see if you can see what I can do with my berry red bed. I designed the windows myself in a bay but need help choosing another color to go with our bed . fL!P Maybe you can give me a idea as well
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F!ip, your link doesnt seem to work.
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Fl!p Breskin
So do you have photos? Here's a red & green guest bed at our house....
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hey Fl!p yes I do I posted the pic today Love your bed its very pretty .I put 2 pics there was waiting on Houzz to post it maybe it didn't
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Manon Floreat
OMG, diann - that's gorgeous! I totally think Fl!p is on to something pairing green with red - very dynamic. In your case, diann - maybe a sage green?
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Fl!p Breskin
I think sage could be lovely! You certainly don't need Xmas red & green. Maybe a moss? It depends on what you want. I've got my bed set up with the most brilliant yellow I could find. Living up on Puget Sound there isn't all that much sunshine, so I imported some. I can go in the bedroom for a hit of sun no matter what the weather is up to. But if you live somewhere hot, green might do you much better!
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Fl!p Breskin
Niamo - I think if you click on my name, and then my photos, and then the books that says cozy Victorian, you can find it that way. Thanks for trying to look. Now I'm curious about yours!
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good morning Girls the moss green or sage sounds nice a soft I like that. In those pillows in front of the reg. pillow there is a green in the stripe will check it out this morning maybe I can re-purpose those 2 pillows . This being the guest room want something easy to wash as far as bedspread and with the side rails in this bed its type that should be tucked in. Not sure why same set of pics came up tried to delete one set and it wont let me.
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