Need help with my bedroom
May 7, 2012
I'm looking to redo the bedroom in the house we just moved into. I was thinking about going with a dark gray or black but I'm afraid to commit! Do you think the room is too small for a dark color like this?

The bed will go against the back wall with the window. On either side of the desk (now gone) there are outlets so I believe that is where the bed should go so we have a place to plug in lamps and cell phones. On the left wall we have our dresser. We also have night stands for each side of the bed. This is the bed and the nightstands and dresser match:

I'm thinking white curtains and white bed linens. Thoughts? Thanks!
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Barnhart Gallery
I like the gray, but I'd incorporate the ceiling too. I'd say to go silver leaf there, except that your bed frame tells me you're an unfussy vibe. That said, I'd break my "high as they can go" rule for curtain panels in your case, so that if you start at the top of the window, you can run a rod all the way across the back of your bed for symmetry. If you're bringing in white or creamy textiles, I say take the dark gray onto the ceiling too. Cute space!
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I was also thinking about adding a canopy above the bed like this:
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Heather Bates Design
I wouldn't commit to such dark colors with one little window in the room. Perhaps you could use the colors you want but go up a shade or two. Do you want to go with a slate, chracoal or gray that may have some blue or green in it? Benjamin Moore has nice colors, Brewster Gray (HC-162) Which is sort of medium and Chelsea Gray (HC-168) which is a tad lighter. These colors are warm. With the white trim, wood floors and white bedcovering, i'd pull in some pillows for the bed with the grey and one other color for a punch.
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Here's a good compromise color scheme from another poster...the charcoal gray you love for an accent wall and a subtle light gray in consideration of your attic space.
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There is another window on the left wall, it's just not in view in the picture. I'm not sure how much I like having different color walls in the room.
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I would not go black. Storm from Benjamin Moore is a rich medium grey. I have it in my dining room and love it. I think since you have little ceiling, you might want to paint it too. A light blue works well with the grey. (Again, that's what I did.) You could go all grey, too. By the way, this shade of grey makes wood tones pop!

The only problem with dark colors in the bedroom, is that it is hard to tell black from blue and brown when you're dressing. At least when you get older!
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Do you have a picture of your room? It sounds pretty!
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Gabberts Design Studio
I would go light grey on the walls, keep the white trim and white ceiling. You could add some architectural interest with wood beams on the ceiling. I would go darker on the accessories and rug, and mix in some dark greys, blues or oranges. Paining a dark color on the walls will only make the room smaller and less comfortable.
This picture is a good representation:

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Mary Pettit
You are living in my bedroom! I have knee-walls on 2 sides of our master bedroom. I found this idea I liked and it seems to fit your space.

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Here's an attic bedroom, a bit bigger than yours, with a medium gray-taupe wall color and white trim:

I do think that the darker charcoal gray will make your room look too cave-like, but a medium gray might work as a compromise. Personally, I prefer attic bedrooms with pale colors to bring in the light and make me feel like I'm floating on the top of the house (like the Providence bedroom Gabberts posted); I prefer the cozy cave-like feel in basement rooms.
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houssaon recommended STORM by Benjamin Moore. I recently painted my attic space in that same exact color and I'm quite happy with it. Take a look at the results and you decide if it's the right look for you.
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I love the charcoal gray...but you must paint the ceiling too! Will be warm and cozy.
I prefer dark colors to light ones-- especially in a low-light room. I always recall designer Donald Kaufman's quote:
A light color will never come to life in a dark room, but a dark, rich color can make a dim, somber space feel warm and luminous – even though it receives no natural light."
So true!
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I don't like when the angled walls are left white. I know rules say darker feels more constricting or whatever, but I like the walls to appear to go up, as opposed to the ceiling dropping down. Darker colors tend to recede so it could potentially push the wall(s) back visually. Another idea- I know this works with pastels, sometimes painting the ceiling the same color but slightly lighter shade than the walls can add a seamless lofty feel to the whole room. I've always wanted to try this with 3 subtle shades of rustic-creamy yellow then paint delicate tree branches with small white blossoms that span all three angles...
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Gabberts Design Studio
Curious to know what direction you're planning on going with this? :)
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Sorry about the delay. I went with a warmer gray than the charcoal and only slightly lighter. I still haven't finished painting due to various reasons but as soon as I do I will post a picture. We are leaving the ceilings white for now and can decide later if we want to paint them as well.
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Gabberts Design Studio
Can't wait to see the finished room!
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Ok here it is. Sorry the pictures are a little dark, I was using my cell phone and the sun doesn't shine in in the morning. You may be wondering why the bed is different. We originally thought we were going to have to have a full bed because we wouldn't be able to get any bigger foundation upstairs. But then we decided to go with the queen mattress and no foundation. When I returned the bed to IKEA they didn't have the matching one in queen size so we decided to go with the iron bed instead.
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It might have been mentioned already but I would just paint an accent wall black and keep the rest of the space white to draw your eyes up.

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