Bridge ??
May 7, 2012
Hi Richard,
I have a dry river bed in my yard and was wondering where I might find a bridge as the one you have used in this picture. love it!
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Richard Kramer
Cinjee, The bridge is simple and it was custom made on site by myself. It is made from 2x12 redwood boards with an arc cut to create the rise of the bridge. The the planks are 2x6 redwood attached with screws or nails with bamboo inserted between the redwood planks. The bamboo pieces are about 1.5-2" in diameter. The bamboo is nail gunned in place with 16G finish nails. Redwood is allowed to grey out, no finish treatment used. Top strips are 2" redwood ripped thin, about 3/8" thick so they can bend easily. Attached inboard about 1.5 " from the edge. Bridge width is about 3' and length is 6-7' long. Rise is about 11". Hope this helps.
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Thanks so much Richard. I really love your design on this yard, it's beautiful.
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Jerry Meyers
How did you make the arc??????
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Custom Home Planning Center
I do arched garden bridges with 3/4" pressure trt. plywood. Laminate, glue and screw the plywood after you've cut the plywood to the height and curve you need for the bridge truss. Lengths under 8' are best as longer takes lapping joints to create a stable bridge truss. You then use 3/8 Trt. plywood laminated for the bridge deck. I cover the deck with water proof membrane roofing and add the appearance deck. (wood, concrete, plaster or stone keeping in mind the higher the arch the more you should use a rougher non slip material.)
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I bought one like this on
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