Need help with wall color as well as furniture opinion please
May 10, 2012
Hello guys! I'm a 26 year old bachelor that just bought my first townhouse last Monday. Townhouse came with brown tiles so I will have to be real careful with choosing my wall color. I want the place to look modern/contemporary and I already chose which couch to get, Ikea Kivik Chaise Sofa in Grann Black ( and already chose Ikea Eivor Red carpet ( I could also go with brownish sectional and shag rug. What wall color would you suggest? As of right now I'm thinking of light grayish brown, such as Sherwin Williams Versatile Gray ( or some sort of taupe. Please feel free to suggest other furniture as well. I prefer sectionals and they can be up to 160" x 95". I would prefer leather for easier cleaning and up to $2,000 budget.
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Saw a photo from Ikea and thought of you. The blue/grey is great with brown. Make sure you update with fabulous modern lights.
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Hi Nino Congrats on your 1st home wishing you the best. Just curious as to what the cubby type space is or what it was used for with the other owner, Sorta has a Mexican tile type look to me . What is in the area where all the light is coming from ? Are there any consignment stores near you. Lots off good buys can be found for someone on a strict budget. Put your money in what you sit on and check out used furniture stores or consignment stores. You would be surprised at the many wonderful finds that are out there just waiting to fill spaces like yours since this is your 1st home measure your wall space before you buy . Your place has a lot of potential but be careful with the scale of the items you purchase . Will you be watching tv in this area as well .
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tburke I agree updating the light near kitchen would be a huge plus . So many to choose from anymore with out the high cost attached to it
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Have fun furnishing your first home! When I saw your brown tile floors this chair from cb2 came to mind.
They have some economical contemporary/industrial furnishings that are perfect for someone looking for style on a budget.
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
We just completed a project using SW 6071 Popular Gray and it worked wonderfully in a room where we mixed tans and grays. It's on the same card as Versatile Gray but one shade lighter. You can always test paint a swatch on the wall and live with it for a couple of days in various kinds of light.
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Shari P Kantor Creative Universe SPKCreative LLC
Congrats on your new home, Nino! Change both light fixtures--you can find nice matching ones at Lowe's, Home Depot or CSN Lighting online. West Elm is a good alternative to Ikea. It looks like the TV is meant to go in the cubby hole; if not, build in shelving. You don't have a lot of natural light and the tile is very dark, so unless you're going for a total man cave, stick to a lighter color like light camel or vanilla white on the walls and ceilings (using one color on the walls, ceilings, doors, etc., will make the room feel larger and brighter). It's a little hard to tell, but it looks like both the tile and the kitchen counters have a yellow tone to them--you'll need a wall color that compliments both. If you're going for darker look, then pick a brown-based red. Because you have red in the rug you picked out, you can get throw pillows with red in them and find good abstract art with red in it on, Artspan, Etsy or DeviantArt.
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@tburke - I already bought 9 Ikea Grundtal spotlights ( that will go in kitchen and I plan on installing recessed lights in the living room as well as a nice light fixture either from West Elm or a fan from "Modern Fan Company"

@Diann - cubby space is for TV and I will do this little hack to be able to fit my HTPC and big receiver and place my TV on top of it. I have big floor standing speakers so they will go on outside of the cubby or I might fabricate holes in the wall to place them in. I will have to look into consignment stores. Light is coming from front door.

@michigammemom - that chair looks beautiful and I might get that or something like it to compliment the couch.

@Deborah - I was eyeing Popular Gray at first but then after seeing an awesome place on Rate My Space painted with versatile gray, I thought of going that one shade darker. I would love to see pics of the place with popular gray!

@SPKReative - I planned on leaving ceilings and doors white, but that is a great idea. Can you please point me to shades of colors you think would be good from Sherwin Williams site? I'm not sure how vanilla white would fit into a modern place. I am planning on changing kitchen countertops and I will post a slab of granite that I picked out. I was thinking of painting smaller wall in first pic to brown-based red as accent wall, but will not do it until the place is finished to see how it looks. I did get an accent red throw and some pillows. Thanks for the suggestions for art!
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So do you guys think that the black couch would fit in with that floor? If so, would that rug be alright or should I get something lighter, possibly shag rug?

Here is the pic of the granite slab that will go in kitchen. I will add handles to the cabinets and paint them later on.
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Shari P Kantor Creative Universe SPKCreative LLC
Use the Paint Visualizer tool ( to help select a color. Any color can work in a modern space as long as everything is coordinated well. The granite that you selected looks black with red in it. Are you replacing the floor at some point? The rug you selected should be fine because of the red--the red seems to be the unifying color in your room. Chocolate brown is a good alternative to black furniture because it acts as a neutral. You can combine black with shades of brown or anything in the gold or bronze families (copper has an orange tone, which way may clash with what you already have going on). A good example of mixing black, gold, bronze and red is found in my new painting, "How Ya Like Me Now?!" second row, fourth painting in from left, 10"H x 8"W, $360.
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Nino I have Muslin by Sherwin Williams its really a nice color not so much vanilla in it. Like the sounds of your plan for your tv and speakers , I myself have black and tans and copper shades I love that combination
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Nino I just checked out the Ikeahacker nice love it and the sofa /chaise as well So excited for you.. I think you got a pretty good idea on where your going with all this. I have been in our new house 5 weeks now and pretty much done but have a few tweaks to finish but will continue to look and take my time. I would like it all done but don't want to rush my purchases as well. So sit back , and enjoy so many things just to see on this site its unreal. Better than spending the money for magazines when what looks like to me some of the best designing I have ever seen..
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cant wait for you to send pics when you have it the way you want it
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Nino, I like the Ikea sectional, rug and the paint (or one shade lighter as someone suggested). I think you have a good sense of design and are headed in the right direction.
Good luck and keep us posted.
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