Furniture placement question..
Rachel Eyles
May 13, 2012
This may seem an odd question, but is there a gap behind the sofa under the mirror? I have a smallish room and am trying to decide on furniture to buy and placement and whether or not I'm wasting space by not putting things against walls?
Thank you!!
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The ability to "float" furniture in a room depends on space and traffic through that room. Even a chair "pulled up" to a coffee table can achieve a cozy feel. It's not a question of "wasting" space, it's a question of can you sit and converse, and can you successfully navigate the room. But generally, you want to avoid lining up all the furniture against the walls. if you can "float", do so!
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It is a bit difficult to tell from the photo but my guess is that the furniture has been oriented in a group around the fireplace. I don 't consider this to be wasting space as moving it agaiinst the walls in this small room would only serve to lessen the connectivity of the grouping and not to create enough room to cram something else in. This seems well edited to me and the furniture seems appropriately scaled to the space. I might have tried to get a sofa that was a wee bit wider but that could be a function of availability as those things tend to be standard. My husband and I always argue about floating furniture as he always wants to shove everything against the walls. I call it the "furniture warehouse" look. I think the space behind that sofa is only a few inches (maybe 6) as the sofa seems aligned with that window. I think if you did the same you would be pleased with the result. Do you have a similar focal point to orient furniture around?
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I'd move all the furniture. Chairs on either side of the fireplace where your mercury glass vases are.Couch facing with the hassock in front of it and the mirror facing the fireplace and guests, rather than reflecting a white vase and table. The lamps are lovely but, unneeded with the overhead light, canned ceiling light and fireplace candles as well as the light from the window. Plus someone will trip over the cord seen to the left of the couch - as is. Perhaps use the small white table to the left of the fireplace by the moved chair - there's a table to the right of the fireplace now.

The way the furniture is placed now will also create wear on the area rug since the entry for seating comes from one direction. The outlets would also look better painted to match the walls. (Use a couple of the floor vases on the table where the white one is currently reflected in the mirror.) It will tie in with the silver in this room.
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Just a wild and crazy thought...even though placing furniture in a corner takes space, it sometimes opens up a room. What about centering the sofa at an angle in the corner to its left, and the chairs at right angles to the sofa? Everyone can then see the fireplace and you might have room to add another seat to the right of the fireplace. I move stuff around and around till it seems right.
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May I suggest to move the sofa back just a bit.move one of the floor lamps to other side. Add an end table with a table lamp in its place. Also it's hard to see the rug color. Maybe one with more grays to help anchor the cocktail Otto. Pretty room.
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Also, add a couple of taller floor vases in soft white to the shiny ones on floor.
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