Storm door
May 16, 2012
I would like to paint my front door red however I have a storm door. We plan to replace the storm door, should I paint the storm to match the door? The house is a white colonial with black shutters. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!
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To be frank, unless you leave your front door hanging open during the day and you want to keep out bugs, there really isn't any point to a storm door. Leave it off.
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It seems like there is quite a bit of space between the storm and the door, it may look strange without it, like its missing...It won't be flush with the exterior.. I love how colonials look without them and we don't use this door very often.
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I too would love a red front door, but we are getting a new storm and it doesn't come in a decent red. I like the storm to match the front door (otherwise the door looks small). We like to keep the front door open for the light so we are going with a black door and black storm. Oh well....
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My door is currently black, I was hoping for a change but black looks stunning too, just more serious. We bought the house last year and a red door would be a nice change to make it our own...
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Generally, I like it when storm doors are painted the same color as the front door. It helps to make it disapear. However if you get a really good one with a white or black factory finish, you might just want to leave it that way.
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Waterfront Interiors
A black door is always stunning! If you have to use a storm, use a black one to match, or try a retractable screen door, such as Phantom. This would give the best of both worlds.
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Like the entry door
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