I want to use cloud white on my cabinets but the cabinet maker says that Ben Moore does not do well on cabinet
May 23, 2012 in Photo Questions
Ben Moore paint is not for cabinets. Can you help me out because I really love the Cloud White color! Thanks
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Benjamin Moore's "ben" paint line a waterborne paint. Benjamine Moore has other paint lines as well. White Cloud is a color available in most of these lines.

If you check the Benjamin Moore website, they say specifically the "ben" semi-gloss is suitable for cabinets. See: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/for-your-home/product-catalog?prod=ben_Waterborne_Interior_Paint#piSheen=627&tab=2

Maybe your painter doesn't like using the "ben" paint line. I would talke to the paint dealer if you have any more questions about this issue.
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I used cloud white on my kitchen cabinets and fireplace and has held up extremely well. Just make sure you are using melamine paint.
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Sherwin Williams color matched all of my Ben Moore 'colors'.
If you can find the paint that you need most anyone can get the color right. Nice color!
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BMoore products are excellent, if you speak with them they have a special line of paint best suited for painting cabinets, which you can get in all colours.
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Sarah Walters
what sheen is used on cabinets? glossy, semi, eggshell, flat?
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I used the Benjamin Moore Aura (Satin). I like the Aura because no priming was needed although at the dealer they recommended another new product better suited for cupboards. The product they recommended required primiing first so I decided not to use it. I made sure that my cupboards were prepped properly (sanding and washed with TSP) before painting.
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Valerie J Johnson Custom Tailored Home Furnishings
I love Ben Moore paint. Our paint specialist reccommended The iron clad low lustre metal and wood enamel. Prep the cabinets with tsp and a light sand and it truly does not need priming. Painted 3 years ago and the finish is holding up wonderfully. Both the white and the charcoal grey. Best wishes!!
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Kosta's Inc.
I have used Benjamin Moore on my cabinets and it looks amazing!
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Think that is more about the preference of the cabinet guy than the durability of the paint--
and don't count on having another company's paint match that color exactly--
IF you decide to use another mfg I would want to see a paint sample on same type of cabinet door you are using IN THAT paint/color before you sign off--
test it by doing some things like rubbing up against it wi/belt buckle--like drawer fronts might get
dragging fingernail across it or banging it with pot
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Showplace Wood Products
Some cabinet brands will match a Benjamin Moore color, or any other paint brand's color, most often for an additional charge. The price charged is typically not huge, especially in comparison to all the other costs involved in a kitchen...when that specific color is the perfect color for you, a few more dollars on the front-end makes sense.

Another side-benefit to having a custom color applied to your cabinets by the manufacturer is that all the other features of finish that are important remain the same and fall under the manufacturer's warranty. Things like an oven-baked finish, or a catalyzed varnish topcoat, all add to the lasting durability of the cabinets you choose.
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