Cream cabinets and don't want stainless appliances
May 23, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I will be using creamy (not bright white) painted cabinets in my new kitchen. I don't want stainless appliances, nor black. White seems it would contrast badly with the cream color. Would bisque be too dated looking? Thanks!
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
Everyone gets hung up on appliances these days, figuring stainless is the only model with any kind of flair. Some solutions I've found that work are: 1) panel the dishwasher with a door. 2) do a pop up door over a microwave so hidden when not in use 3) purchase a panel ready fridge so it disappears too. What is left is your range or cooktop and oven. If you choose a streamlined model like Dacor, they have glass fronts in white glass that are very crisp and clean. As well, they have either a black or white ceran cooktop to blend with your counter colour. Keep in mind that Jenn-air has a series that are all bronze toned appliances. Paired with oil rubbed bronze hardware, that can be a very classy look. Some range manufactures also have fun enameled steel exteriors. One of my favorites is Bertazzoni out of Italy. They have models painted in the nearby Ferrari factory in red, green, black, yellow etc. That would be a fabulous feature in your new kitchen. Getting back to your bisque shade.. If you can actually find appliances in this colour and you are heading toward other creams in your palette, that could be fine. It will be very subtle and soft in overall colouring in the kitchen. A nice backdrop for accent colours in accessories or tile work. White appliances are also ok in a cream kitchen. As it is a crisp, clean bright. Not all whites are "white". Some parts on appliances are plastic these days or glass or enameled metal. There may also be some creamier or metal accents. Just like in baths, we often pair white fixtures with creamier tile & millwork along with flooring. Appliances should be considered more of a "fixture" that is a compliment to the rest. It shouldn't detract or be overly bold unless you choose to make a dramatic statement like the suggested feature range. Hope that helps.... Senior Designer~Urbana, Victoria BC
May 23, 2012 at 9:04PM   
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For resale purposes alone, I would not use bisque appliances. Even if they are brand spanking new, a savy home buyer will declare that they are "outdated".
May 24, 2012 at 4:58AM   
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Have to agree with michigammemom. As a buyer I would automatically assume I had to replace all the appliances if they were bisque or almond. But I think Ellen has suggested some great alternatives--panel ready appliances like dishwasher and fridge, ranges that come in many beautiful enamel color choices, including cream. And I wasn't aware of the Jenn-air line in bronze tones. Jenn-air also does a line of floating glass appliances (but only in white and black) that are quite beautiful. And I agree that a white appliance in a cream colored kitchen can look lovely, though I think it helps in that case if there are some other pure white accents as well (white cast iron sink, white small appliances, etc.). Another option is vintage reproduction appliances which come in some really fun vintage colors like turquoise, red, and mint green. They use retro 1950's styles on the outside, with all modern technology inside. But that would only work if your cream kitchen has a funky vintage vibe to begin with.
May 24, 2012 at 5:35AM   
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Thank you so much for all the great suggestions. I can begin to see that white appliances would be okay with creamier cabinets. As Ellen notes, not all white appliances are super white. And if I pull in some other whites as Feeny suggests, it'll look even better. If budget allows, using panel-ready appliances would be a great appliance blender. Thanks, everyone!
June 1, 2012 at 8:41PM   
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I agree that people get hung up on appliance colors. It should be about you and your preference, not what you've come to like because it's been thrown in your face. I always thought that stainless was cold and sterile looking...still do. Now, I do wish that they would come out with an appliance that is a creamy white. Not stark, although I like white, a creamier color would match my warm kitchen colors much more. And if you like bisque, buy your own person. Trends come and go way to fast. One day we'll be looking at stainless like avocado...
January 14, 2013 at 5:57PM     
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I 'm for the bisque appliances. It will make your accent colors "pop" seafoam green. Do you plan on resale or are you in the for the long haul. Me want a kitchen I love...not what someone else will live in the future!
August 3, 2014 at 4:44PM   
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