May 25, 2012 in Photo Questions
i need an electric fireplace for my mantle like this. should i look for fireplace inserts or just electric fireplaces? HELP!
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COASTROAD Hearth & Patio
Do I understand that you already have the mantel? Or are you looking for the mantel as well?

If you have the mantel already, then having the dimensions of the mantel opening will be the key to finding the right fireplace to fit it. For instance, in the photo above, there is less of the brown marble above the fireplace than on the sides, which is usually a little disproportionate. It generally looks better if the header (the surround above between the fireplace and the mantel) is wider than the sides.

There is a confusing bit of nomenclature associated with electric fireplaces. The words "insert" and "fireplace" are used interchangeably - even among electric fireplace manufacturers - and they mean different things.

An insert, by industry definition, fits into an existing fireplace. I'm guessing that you don't already have a fireplace.

A fireplace, on the other hand, is complete of itself and does not need anything else, but may either be installed in a framed wall or in a fireplace cabinet.

If you can fill me in a little more, I can probably help you find what you need.
June 25, 2012 at 7:36AM     
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Jan Harvey
I'm a little confused...I love this combination of the marble, mantel and fireplace . What type of fireplace was put in here...if I'm correct there is three different components....the fireplace, the marble pieces cut to fit and the mantel with side pieces...I guess what I'm asking is how was this particular piece assembled? I want to duplicate it for my living room!
January 12, 2013 at 9:57PM   
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COASTROAD Hearth & Patio
Jan, I think you are less confused than you imagine. ; -)

The fireplace is a manufactured gas fireplace, but don't worry about the fireplace itself too much, it is pretty old. See your local fireplace experts about what is available now:

The brown marble surround and wood mantel are "a la carte", that is, available separately.

This is the part that will throw you. I strongly suggest that you find the mantel FIRST, and then add a surround and fireplace that fit the mantel instead of the other way around ,which is the way most people go.

Obviously, this is a great place to find mantel ideas. I'd suggest taking the photo above to your local fireplace people and tel them to figure it out for you. The proportions and deep, rich color of the mantel itself remind me of one that was custom made from reclaimed cypress:
January 14, 2013 at 5:43AM   
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Jan Harvey
Thanks for the info!
January 14, 2013 at 2:53PM   
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Sara Nicole
Hi Coastroad, you seem very knowledgeable in this area so maybe you can help me too? :)

I have no fireplace but would like to add a gas fireplace and mantle to my large living room wall. I have seen them sold together in a "plug and play" type thing but a lot of them look a little cheap and too fake to me. Are there any nice ones that you could suggest? I prefer the "log" look with a traditional white mantle..
January 17, 2013 at 2:22PM   
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COASTROAD Hearth & Patio
Hi Sara - I'd agree the the "plug and play" fireplaces generally do not look right.

We add fireplaces all the time. I'd really have to see the room to be able to make any good suggestions. You can either start a new discussion here on Houzz or send some photos directly to me at

Here are some fireplaces that we added where there wasn't one before:
January 17, 2013 at 2:45PM   
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