is pink in?

zohrehalaghemandJune 8, 2012
We are planning to completely remodel this master bathroom. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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Beyond The Stage Homes
Wow that's a lot of pink!! If you're looking to work with the existing tiles and fixtures as much as possible, you could consider replacing the floor tiles and painting the cabinetry white. Adding some updated lighting that is a little "girlier" such as crystal pendants might help as well.
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Manon Floreat
That is a lot of pink and I kind'a love it! You could consider painting the cabinetry a dark grey with lighter grey walls to start. Switchiing out the hardware to lucite or glass pulls and adding a couple of dramatic chandeliers over the vanity in black would transform the room from "girly fluff" to glam.

Chrome and Black 6-light Crystal Chandelier | · More Info
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Shari P Kantor Creative Universe SPKCreative LLC
The floor tile is okay, the rest is not. If it's in your budget, gut the bathroom and look on Houzz for inspiration in your favorite colors. If not, keep the floor tile; paint the cabinets white and get crystal pendant lighting like Beyond The Stage Homes suggested; replace the counter with white or rosy brown stone and use the same for the tub and shower; replace the toilet and bidet with one white toilet and add a vanity table or a small bench, paint the walls white with a pink, rose, or rosy brown tone; use crystal or lucite pulls. Or go with Manon's suggestion, but replace the countertop at the very least with white stone with a gray, rose or pink tone and change the shower enclosure to silver.
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I think Manon has made a valiant effort to rescue your pink and place it in a funky glamorous context, and if you want just a minor update to the bathroom this will help a lot. But if you are really considering a full renovation, I wouldn't keep the pink. I'd go with a much more neutral color scheme (whatever you like--black and white, grays, browns, taupes, creams, anything that is classic and won't date quickly). There are so many beautiful different bathroom styles to choose from, that a good romp through houzz photos getting inspiration for your favorite styles and color schemes should be fun. And you have such a nice big space to work with! I'm envious.
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PRO Dallas
Pink can be fabulous, but not like that. It works more in smaller, vintage bathrooms where as Manon correctly advised, strong colors like black and silver can make it glam. In this case, it just appears 80s mauve, rather than cool retro. Get rid of the tile countertops; they are busy and high-maintenance. You can't go wrong with white porcelain fixtures. The floor looks like it can be worked with, though hard to say from the photo. I wouldn't rule out painting the cabinetry. Color choice depends on the hues selected for walls and countertops, but you could go white, gray, black, taupe, etc. Browse the Houzz photos of baths to find the look that appeals to you. Neutral surfaces elsewhere can free you up to do a strong wall color, should you choose to do so. Even a hot pink. ; )
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PRO Dallas
Forgot perhaps the most important tip: tie the bath colors into whatever is going on in the master bedroom. If you are planning on purchasing new bedding/decor for the bedroom, do that before (or along with) selecting the bath materials and colors. Good luck!
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gennxo Interior Constuction Designer
Just a small caveat - I actually did a fun pink and black scheme for my own bathroom almost 10 years ago - pink glass mosaic tiles on shower walls and counter, black mosaic tiles on floor and accents, grey walls and glass door, black vessel sink, chandeliers and lots of bling.

I still love it - however - it is in a small ski condo so the bathroom is tiny and it was never going to be for sale.

I agree 100% with the greys, acrylic accents, black chandelier etc suggested above - but your space is really large so it is a great deal of that look staring back at you.

It may suit your taste in decor but it clearly wouldn't match the design of the house.

I can tell simply by the ceiling line & door style in the bathroom plus the door outside just to the right - they are not the the right look with that type of scheme.

Maybe if you tried an ultra soft, over the top feminine/whispy white concept?
With soft white cabinets and lots of gold or antiqued brass with very soft pink paint on the walls & ceiling you might, possibly pull it off. I can't tell exactly what color pink the fixtures are on my monitor.

I actually love the right pink with gold right now - it is a favourite scheme of mine and quite fresh - but it has to be the 'right' shade.

If you plan on NOT selling the home for sometime, have deep pockets and like an eclectic mix of styles in your home and throw caution to the wind daily - then by all means go for it and have fun!! .

However - by asking for opinions here- it would have me believe you do care what others think.

If this is true, then I would have to agree with 'feeny' and would suggest you do a proper renovation and sell the pink fixtures to someone like me!

Craigslist can get them to a good home - someone who will appreciate their color and the deal they would be getting for them!
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you can have a lot of my pink fixtures. I have a ton and I can not wait to get rid of them all. They all are Kohler brand so the quality is great. It is just overwhelming. Our plan is to take everything out and start over so I am excited about that.
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if this were to be a child's bath, i might say save the pink,or if it were a soft pink,( but alas it is not.. appears to be more bubblegum) but not for a master. The tile tub surround and counters is a real maintenance issue anyway.The floors might be Ok to save unless they have pink cast to them)most likely they do), then sadly, maybe only the cabs could stay with a special paint prep to hide the grain when you repaint in a nice neutral..Even those large mirrors are out, need to do separate framed mirrors to be up to date, fixtures, light and plumbing all brassy, out of date. I am not a fan of toilet free standing with no knee wall or toilet room. You have a lot of space , so maybe a low wall is an option.. you could lose the bidet easily unless you really like that. Perhaps talk to a contractor about building low wall, etc.Best of luck!
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Master Bathroom · More Info

You can always have pink accents!!
Gut it!
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Put the toilet in a separate room from the rest of the bathroom. Why does no one do this? I do not understand. I no nothing about plumbing, but perhaps you could use the bidet's plumbing to have a second toilet.

If you are going to remodel, you might as well get new toilets if you are not sure about the color. A muted pale pink probably is reasonably in fasion now. But, who cares?
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"The floor tile is ok": WTF? The floor tiles are in two different styles. I think that you could improve the bathroom by replacing the tiles and painting the cabinets to compliment the walls.
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I agree with the person who said to gut it. If you keep part of it, pleople will always know that some bits were older than others and that will distract them from the actual bathroom. Go for a technically good color scheme, by matching, say the tiles or cabinets with the paint.
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OH WOW now that is pink pink. For me all that pink is way over the top. What is the grout color on the floor tile. Probably pink , What colors do you have in mind if you decide to remodel the entire bathroom ? We have a toilet closet it so much nicer if your changing it all go for some privacy . We have had 4 homes 3 of them had toilet closet and its much nicer and more eye appealing as well. If its in your budget I too would replace the entire look. But as someone mentioned above painting out the cabinets would help but all that pink still remains. Neutral tones on counter tops and flooring is always much more appealing. Go for a new look if you can. Your bathroom is huge love the size of it and could be a truly beautiful space. As big as your bathroom is I would lose the gold and glass shower and do a walk in shower . You have the space for it. So much nicer to not have that door and walls to clean each time its used. The huge windows are nice but if you come up with a idea similar to the pic I have added. smaller high windows would be placed higher in the walk in shower to allow the light to pour in. Walk ins are great . Good luck This tub in pic is only a soaking tub when we built our house we didn't add this tub as we are more shower people . We do have a tub in the guest room if need calls for it but we like the space with out it.
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Wow, if you are going to gut this and totally remodel it, congrats on having that much extra money, as this was one expensive bath treatment to start with. I would hope that whoever does the renovation would not just take a sledge hammer to the tile, as that always makes me cringe whenever they do it on these make-over shows. Surely some of the tile could be salvaged, because-along with the fixtures, somebody out there can probably use it somewhere else. However, those are really beautiful cabinets, and I wouldn't paint them, unless you just don't like the wood finish.
If your plans are to be in the house for a long time, I'd try to split the difference between what I loved, and what I think would be somewhat neutral down the road so the house could be sold in the future without the next person coming in and thinking "what a dated 'whatever'." I think I'd do the tiles, etc. neutral, and then do the lighting and all the accessories according to my own personal taste. That way you can change it up over the years to suit your own changing tastes, and any potential "next" person could do the same.
Also, if I were you I would avoid this trend that I can already see out here of having the Tuscan colored tiles with this smaller, darker square tile as an accent running through the middle in some way. I can already see people saying this is dated five or six years from now. I like the Tuscan color myself, and its nice and neutral, but it, too, is kind of a "fad," IMO.
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Oh my! Are you planning to hold a dance in there? If not, I would give the "bowls" some privacy, go for a much more neutral space, and GUT it. I think that is a classic picture of the "over the top" sizing of baths from the recent decades. Failing that, change the toilet fixtures, paint out the cabinetry to white, and change out the counter tops. Way too high on maintenance!! Add a nice pouf ottoman.....(that's alot of floor!!) and ditch the lights for some glam... and hope for the best!
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That is a fabulous bathroom space. A far more modern look is certainly better while keeping some of the pink. Consider building as someone said before an enclosure for the toilet and bidet. I personally find the pink tile in the tub delightful, even if I would never choose it. I would keep the tub as is and paint the cabinets. The floor has to go or the pink tile and fixtures have to go. I would keep the pink, replace the floor tile by a large dark grey/taupe paint the walls in a shimmery almost metallic paint in a silvery color, replace the shower enclosure for a modern, frameless one and paint the cabinets in a complimentary pearl color. Add some fabulous lights fixtures in glamourous crystal and you have a modern version of Hollywood 1950. Loose the gigantic builder's mirror with something interesting, idem with the fixtures add a countertop in marble and you have a wonderful bathroom.
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Shari P Kantor Creative Universe SPKCreative LLC
@apennameandthata: There is no need to be rude if you disagree with my advice or that of anyone else. Looking closely at the pictures, you can see that the floor tile is only in one style--large pink-toned tiles. The step to the tub, the tub area, the shower baseboard and the counter use small pink tiles. Several people, along with myself, gave options on remodeling the bathroom if it was not possible to gut it entirely, but gutting the whole thing was my chief recommendation. Zohrehalaghemand responded after our comments that she does plan to gut the bathroom and start from scratch, which gives her a better range of options.
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Shari P Kantor Creative Universe SPKCreative LLC
@Zohrehalaghemand: It's wonderful that you're able to gut the bathroom and start with a clean slate. You have a large enough space that you could really do a lot with it--remove the bidet and replace it with a pedestal sink (full enclosure of this space would be ideal) or a vanity; add a small bench and possibly pull-out hampers like
Hampton Bay Double Tilt-Out Hamper · More Info
; put in a free-standing tub like
Donnelley · More Info
or a shower for two (all-glass is more popular right now than framed glass). The color schemes that Feeny suggested are timeless and should definitely be considered regarding the cabinets, floor, tub, shower and toilet like the color scheme in
Viscusi Elson Interior Design · More Info
. If there's a specific color you want in your bathroom, like sky blue, go for it by painting the walls or buying towels and accessories in that color. Here are some neutral color tones that could be used for inspiration:
Rough Hollow Master Bath · More Info
Home Wish List · More Info
If you want to incorporate color into the tub and shower area, this is a good example:
Romantic Bath · More Info
Romantic Bath · More Info
Romantic Bath · More Info
. I like the light fixtures that Manon and Sacapuntaslapioz suggested.
Good luck and post photos when you're done!
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RIP IT ALL OUT. Keep the cabinets. Separate water closet. LOVE the Bidet. If there are any views capitalize on them. Hi end showerheads. Lots of sparkle. Nice size space. Go nuts.
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Ann Marin
Wow what a great space! Its Huge!! I would definitely change the toilet and bidet to white. I don't think you need to re-tile now, it looks like its in great condition. Someday, though.

There are products that will change your grout color to a less-pink shade, try that. I would paint those gorgeously detailed cabinets white with a little glaze of grayish-taupey color. I would change the countertops to marble with gray veining..carrera! Or a similar-look natural granite with lots of white and gray tones.

Crystal light fixtures in a modern-glam style. Towels gray and white. The gray-taupe will neutralize the pink..walls in a lighter shade of it. (google: "paint color to neutralize pink" and a million and one results will come up)

Frame the mirror (mirror-mate or diy molding) to match the cabinets or in a metallic.

Change the faucets to something more modern.

I am jealous I love this big huge bathroom!!
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karen paul interiors
Love the Viscusi Elson pix!!
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You have a large bathroom that is bright. My suggestion if a total gut is not in your budget, is to paint the cabinets black or a dark charcoal. That would tone down the pink very feminine appearance. Also check out black acessories
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PRO Dallas
BTW, there are NOT two different flooring materials. I thought so, too, at first glance. But when you see the additional photos, you discover it is the tile surround of the tub you're seeing. In any case, it is too much pink; too much grout; go to go. And this from someone who actually loves pink, in the right situation!
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Pink? Gag!
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My aunt called, she wants her bathroom back. Oh, and she had pink kitchen appliances, too....with matching pink walls. The only thing missing in this bathroom is the powder-blue.
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Nothing wrong with pink it is just in the way you use it. In the bathroom I think pink would like much nicer in decorating pieces. I think you need to do more with the room itself. It looks too warehouse-like.
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I have never liked this bathroom since the day I bought the house specially the pink bathtub. So hopefully they will all go RIP
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Hi. I don't blame to want to change. You should check out the beautiful different ideas for bathrooms on Asian Design site. Some of them are just out of this world beautiful and relaxing.
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I agree with the pink/grey color scheme suggestions. But instead of going "glam" with it, how about going "industrial" instead. I think it'll give a nice unexpected twist and take the edge off all that pink. We finished a complete bathroom remodel a month ago and the paint we chose was supposed to be a "cool grey with a whisp of purple"'s pink! At first I wanted to change it, but after a few days I felt the effect was very subtle, but really cool (yes, I do say so myself!): white subway tile (industrial look staple), non-frilly accessories like plumbing pipe for a towel rack, etc. Check out houzz bath for inspiration. E.g.
Parkway Bathroom · More Info
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Chroma Design
To answer your question specifically, no pink is not in. However if you love pink, then use it. Enjoy! But do not use it in any tile, countertop, of fixed item. The pic that Ann marin posted with the striped wallpaper is beautiful and is one of many ways to include your favorite color. Classic with a big dash of color.
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karen paul interiors
Bubbles Glass Modern Chandelier Solaria Large Light Dining Room Lighting Ceiling · More Info
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karen paul interiors
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OTM Designs & Remodeling Inc.
Pink is always in....and for sure my favorite color!
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karen paul interiors
No 2 · More Info
Cabinets and hardware
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