Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Doors
June 30, 2012
What is the general opinion on using Thermofoil doors for kitchens?

Are they durable?

Are they perceived to make the kitchen seem of lower or higher quality vs. traditional painted or stained doors?
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That depends on the doors you are purchasing. Some thermofoil doors are produced to be "builder grade" and will often use thinner thermofoils, cheaper board and adhesives that give very little, if any, heat resistance. However, when you buy them from a custom door producer that insists on the best materials, they will last 15 to 20 years without discoloration. I have some thermofoil doors that were done in 1996 and still look like they did when they were new.

If you are comparing them to painted doors, some thermofoil has a heavy matte texture which will make it look like plastic. If you like that look, great! If not, there are thermofoils that have a completely satin finish to them and they really look like a high quality paint job. Five-piece thermofoil doors are also relatively new on the market and they can really look amazing.
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Can anyone recommend a thermofoil manufacturer?? I have thermofoil now and I love them, we are looking to expand our kitchen and want to explore newer thermofoil options. Thanks!
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Rhett, where are you located? Are you looking for just a door manufacturer, refacer, or complete cabinets?
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Hey Bill, we are located in Chicago and are looking for complete cabinets! Thanks!
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Rhett, you may want to try Rose Custom Cabinet in Mundelein. They make their own thermofoil doors and offer both doors and complete cabinets. You also want to contact Northern Contours in Fergus Falls, MN and ask them who they sell to in your area. They are a premier door supplier with a huge offering. I used to visit their plant once every 6 weeks and they have a high commitment to quality.

Don't give up on thermofoil. It's still a relatively young industry and there are reasons why some people have problems and others love it. I have a blog on Woodworking Network geared toward educating buyers on these very issues. Good Luck!
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Thank you so much! I already went to both websites and found something!!! I am going to call the rep in my area to find out how I can get them! Again, thanks so much this is exactly what I have been trying to find.
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Great Rhett! Keep us informed of how the process works out for you.
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