Could you recommend a complimentary granite or marble?
July 4, 2012
I love fusion and found it here in Maryland in both a greener family or the more traditional blues. I can't do our whole bathroom in it though, and i'm not sure I would b/c it's quite dramatic for a 9' vanity, a shower and a tub surround! I was wondering if you could recommend a complimentary surface - probably more picking up the cream color in it?

I'm open to any stone, preferably a harder surface (granite, quartz?) but have found marbles to be the most likely as of now b/c they are soft with movement as well.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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I love fusion, and the one I am using comparing to this vanity has more green and beige. Creme Marfel marble with some beige vein looked very good next to the fusion. After reading your comment. you are right fusion is too beautiful to be cut so I am going to use a big piece of fusion with creme marfel border in my shower. I will send you a picture when it is done.If you have more good ideas keep me posted I am still in the planning stages. I purchased two slabs of fusion yesterday and now I am ironing the details.
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Two slabs - oh, I wish! I think I'll do the shower wall but possibly set in a portrait to show it off vs the whole wall, but I have to see. If you have full slabs, I have seen people have it turn the corner, especially if two walls are glass - and it was one-of-a-kind.

And, then I'll probably set a piece in the niche (in the wall for shampoo, etc.) Also thinking about whether I use it for the tub platform but it would leave so little of it to see! If I go with the blues, however, it would look like the tub was in water... beautiful!

Not sure about the vanity countertop. If it's a whole wall in the shower, I think it could be a bit much on our 9' vanity.

I'd definitely love to see photos and will let you know my plans as well! I'm also taking a piece to compare with marbles so I'll send photos of that as well.

Fusion is so hard to find - and people using fusion, so I'm glad to know someone else using it in a bath!

Good luck!
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PS I can't remember if I attached photos? I'm guessing yours is more in the green family like I'm considering below? It's gorgeous!
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Crema Marfil would be a good match, especially in an antique finish.
Depot Granite, St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, FL
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