July 4, 2012 in Before & After
These are the before pics..the kitchen was very tiny, 8x8. In the comment section, I have posted my remodeled photos, look at how much room we have now, after removing the wall dividing the tiny kitchen dining room combo. note* after pictures are posted in my comment section..feel free to add any ideas, we are not finished yet.
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These are the after remodel photos, note* we have not selected a backsplash yet, I am also thinking that we should paint over the cabinets white, maybe it will elongate the cabinets. We lightened the green , Before the remodel there was a wall dividing the small dining room from the tiny kitchen, you could not even have 2 people in there at the same time cooking. Now we have room for a large family dinner, and at least 3 people to help cook. I am in LOVE with my new space. The budget was amazing, and we are completely satisfied. The floor is actually tile, but looks like a wood plank. We also had the ceiling raised, added recessed lighting, and very small pendants over the bar. On the other side of that bar we have 3 bar stools for extra seating also.
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Love those little light fixtures, could you pls tell me where you purchased them?
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Lowes..And Thank You, I loved them also, they are very tiny, perfect for small spaces. They are crystal, with led bulbs.
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What acksplash are you considering?
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I am open for suggestions on anything . But we are thinking about a white subway tile for the backsplash. BTW, the mural was there when we bought the condo 15 years ago, I loved it then, and still do, they were going to remove it, but I wanted to keep it. We live in Florida, so It gives me the tropical feel. I guess to some it seems outdated. But I like it. :-)
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That looks great!! I love your mural also!
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By the way, for those considering a corner sink like we did...If you have a LOT of room it is a wonderful thing, however, we didn't, and I was not thinking when we put the dishwasher there next to the sink how hard it would be to load and rinse while the dishwasher door was open, it is not THAT difficult to do, but if we had maybe 6 more inches it would have made a big difference. Other than that, I love it in the corner, and I love the new faucet, and we also chose a single sink. It is very deep though.
I still need to pick a back splash, I think we will put that in ourselves though.
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HI -- I am glad you kept the mural - it adds a nice depth element to the room . Yes, corner sinks can work for some people , just have to remember it's a one person at a time sink. When you do your backsplash , have it from the counter top to the cabinet. The little 4 inch backsplash trim is not used that much anymore. Invest in a small tile wet saw , it will pay for it self if you have a lot more tiling to do.They can be rented too.
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Mary....WOW what a difference! Your new kitchen and island/dining are looks beautiful!
Definitely tile from countertop to bottom of upper cabinets. I, too, have all white cabinets in my kitchen with a dark brown granite countertop. I thought about the white subway tiles and brought a few home from Lowe's to "test run". Just seemed to white and blended with the cabinets. I ended up use the tumbled travertine 4" squares and a 3" diamond trim pattern between two of the 4 rows. The color was "Noce". It will still lighten the color of your room and blend with the countertop. Not much more expensive than the subway tiles either.
Please post again when you have everything finished.
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Thank you Lefty, I just couldn't part with the mural, I thought about it, and the men kept asking as I went back and forth about it...It feels good when you walk in the room and see it. And so it stays! :-) bamamom...Thank you! The pictures really dont do the room justice, it feels much bigger than it looks on here. The table also seats more people because it came with 2 leaves. It is so homey now, and makes cooking much more fun. My Husband and I Love to cook together, before it was hard to fit us both in there together, and now we have so much room. As far as the back splash, we are going to tile all the way up. I think that we will also paint over the cabinets white, Do you think it will make the cabinets feel taller if the portion over them is white? (towards the ceiling).

Next I am looking for some type of a sideboard, or buffet.
Thank you for all of your opinions, it means a lot.
My next project will be our bedroom. Oh boy, does it ever end?
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Mary, maybe a shallow sideboard,buffet OR sofa table for the dining area.
I think we have the same cabinets. Ha! Mine go to the ceiling, so I did not have to worry about painting above them. Are you keeping the same green color from the dining area? Photo of the man hanging window hardware? If so, or whatever color you use in the dining area, I think I would carry the same color from the dining area up over the cabinets. Do some lighting on top of the cabinets, puck lights, etc. and that will brighten that area. Will you tile over the mural at the breakfast bar area, by the coffee machine and where the upper cabinets overlap the mural?
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We ran into a dilemma where the mural shows by the cabinet. That was there because there used to be a wall dividing the two rooms But when we tried to remove that part, it was on so well that it started to tear and would have shown on the part we keep, if we can tile over it, and paint over the cabinet at the top where the mural shows, then we are going to do that..that's why we stopped, so we could figure out the best plan.
Yes, the sideboard will have to be shallow, not more that 18-19 inches deep. But I want a rustic one, and have not found the right one yet.
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The Green is the same paint as over the cabinets, it used to be a darker olive green. We lightened it after the remodel.
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Live with the green paint awhile. It would not take that much to paint it white later. I would go ahead with tiling and painting over the ends of the mural to even it with the edge of the countertop and the cabinets.
I had the same issues trying to find a buffet for our dining room. Finally took the plunge and visited a couple of local furniture design stores (not the name brand places just locally owned) and found "it". It looks really old and rustic, but it is brand new. Even husband liked it immediately. It's solid wood and weights a "ton", or atleast to me it does, plus it has storage! Love it. Take your time, you will find it.
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