What is that layout for oak strip called? Love it and can't find it anywhere

jenskJuly 10, 2012
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Michael Abrams Limited
It is called a herringbone pattern.
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It doesn't look like a typical herringbone pattern. Is it a specific kind of herringbone? Appreciate the input. Really like it and would like to have something installed similar to it.
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It's just a herringbone pattern running from each end into the halfway point of the space

If you are working in an existing space, rather than new build, be sure to check the alignment of your corners/walls. Nothing accentuates issues like borders and lines which should meet up perfectly. If your design highlights it, you can see something off a quarter inch from 15-20 feet away. I recently saw a floor that had about a 3 foot wall which was way off square with a darker stained two board border ran parallel with the room walls. Unfortunately, the inset hardwood floor vents ran parallel to the joists underneath, so where the floor vents met the cockeyed border, it was incredibly obvious and spoiled what was otherwise a nice looking install job.

We recently did a floor design where we had the living room running on a diagonal and then the dining room ran in the opposite diagonal and met in the middle. Because we had columns at each side of the opening, we cheated and ran transition boards crosswise between the two rooms to hide any possible differences where the chevrons met.
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thank you, Linda, for all of the helpful info
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Yes, thank you Linda for the helpful insight. Makes me think twice about using the chevron pattern in my apartment, which has lots of uneven angles and borders.
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