Have you used Starglass / StarQuartz grout with glass tiles- your experience?
akcorcoranJuly 16, 2012
I am using Oceanside Glasstiles in my daughters' bathroom - the Tessera line in Beach Blonde (see the image). The glass tiles are in a 6" border about 3/4 up the way of their tub/shower accompanied by traditional subway tile (Daltile; Arctic White) and then is the backsplash behind their vanity.

I was given the suggestion to use StarGlass/Star Quartz grout with the glass tiles. I guess it has reflective properties because it's ground up recycled glass mixed with urethane, which reflects light behind and around the glass tile, instead of a traditional "flat" grout.

**Are there any Houzzers out there that have used this grout and would share your experience?**

It is expensive so I want to be sure I really think it's right for the room.

I worry:
a) that the "Diamond" - which is the white equivalent - is really more like a glass color so it's a bit grey and would really look grey compared to the white of the subway tile and the Quartzlock High White used elsewhere? I almost think the white will make the tile brighter...?

b) I wondered if the textures would match with the subway, glass and the grout?

c) Is it really worth the extra cost?

Thank you in advance if you have any experiences or advice to share -


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Tile Art Ceramic & Stone
There are definitely places to use white grout with glass installs and white glass tile may be one of them. However, we use it for most of our glass projects these days. Glass has such reflective, translucent properties and after getting used to the translucency of Star Glass, it's difficult to go back to regular grout. It really does add sparkle to glass tile. We have found that it is worth the money...you really can tell the difference.

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Marin Designworks Glass Tile Design & Waterjet Art
I hope you used your Star Glass grout in your installation. I agree with Melanie...it's a beautiful product - we use it all the time for our glass concept boards we present to showrooms and key architects/designers. It's worth the extra cost.
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can it be used in submersible applications like a glass tiled pool?
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Innovate Building Solutions
Our company also uses both Starglass grout and it really helps the grout joint to stand out - we are doing a trade show right now and many people have actually come and asked about the grout.

The challenge is this grout takes longer to place on the wall is more expensive from an initial purchase cost standpoint.
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I used with both glass and marble installations. I see a definite difference with the glass. It's also very easy to clean. Is it worth the higher initial cost? Can't say the final result provided full return on investment, but maybe my expectations were too high going into the project. It doesn't "sparkle" when the light hits it. I recommend getting the Blaze haze cleaner also, as there was initially some film on the flat glass.
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T-Square Company
Like epoxy grouts that are premixed this application is labor intense and I was disappointed in the overall outcome. You have to have the lighting at the perfect angle to pick up any brilliance from the material that you might expect. I can't justify the cost for the outcome.
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i work in a tiel shop, and if i understood you right, the grout is (like T-Scare Company said) kind of a epoxy type? you can get epoxy grout that is "crystal" that will take color from the glass tiels when they are different colours like the one on your picture.

when it comes to the value part, its sure is worth the money (if it's a type of grout like epoxy), because it's resistent to bacteria, stains and the colour will never change. witch if you choose the white one will be a problem with regular grout.

hope you'll be happy with the result
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Marin Designworks Glass Tile Design & Waterjet Art
Here's a close-up photo using one of our glass blend shapes. We used Bostik's Dimension Grout in Diamond...it definitely isn't a bright white color, but with the Beach Blonde mosaic I think it would be a wonderful addition. That being written, I've only found the bright white color to be included in the straight Epoxy grouts without the "glass chips." Whether you use a regular Epoxy or Urethane-based grout (such as Bostik's TruColor) - purchasing a stain resistant and anti-microbial grout IS the best way to go in a bathroom using a white subway and glass combo. cfarcinsen is correct: over time - regular, white-sanded grout does discolor.
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We used star glass or what is now called dimensions by Bostick in our pool in 2012. Unfortunately, they changed the uses so do not use this in a pool as it has a tendency not to set or to melt and dissolve. Thankfully, Bostick was a pleasure to deal with and made the whole thing right. First class company. We are going to use the new Starlike products that just recently became available in 2013 in the US. They have some really neat products and use different chemicals and you mix onsite vs it being premixed. We will see.

Edited to add: Starglass would be great indoors and is rated for use in wet areas indoors. Also note as to pool use, it was already not rated for the spa and then also note for pools in late 2012 after our installation. Oddly enough the spa had no issues, but above the waterline it dissolved. We also live in Texas so it gets very hot here.
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