Wood floors in the kitchen?
July 22, 2012
I am planning to put wood floors in the front area of my home. This is an open space which includes entry, living room, dining area, and kitchen. I am a little hesitant about wood in the kitchen, although I would prefer the same flooring throughout the area rather than stopping the wood floor and changing to tile in the kitchen. Experiences with wood floors in the kitchen? Recommended products? Thanks!
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Ingelnook Farm Inc
I have been installing oak floors in kitcehs for years. Recommend you NOT use wide plank wood. Be sure you give wood at least 1 week in house before installing - it must reach the same moisture content as room before installing it.
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I have been looking at some of the engineered wood products with a "hand-scraped" look. What happens specifically with the wide planks floors that causes you not to recommend them?
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What a timely discussion! I have the same type of house and decision that Karen has. Plus I have 2 dogs. I love the look of wood but am concerned about the care. The floor that we are taking up is a Bruce laminate and worn out! I plan on selling the house in the next couple of years so want something that has the greatest appeal but can withstand the wear and tear. I am actually considering tiling the whole area since I live in Texas and the tile seems cooler in apperance and easier to care for...yet I do love the warm look of wood as well.
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I have had wood floors in my kitchens (in two different houses) for the last 25 years and LOVE them. They are so easy on your back when standing cooking, easy to clean, beautiful, and in medium to light stains hide a multitude of sins (darker stains aren't quite as forgiving). Our current kitchen floor is white oak--very sturdy--and is original to the house, which was built in the 1920's. The kitchen floor is still going strong despite two rambunctious dogs and a sloppy teenager, though presumably the floor has been refinished a few times over the life of the house.
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Ingelnook Farm Inc
I have never used laminates, and given the probability of things being spilled and dropped I probably would shy away from laminates in a kitchen. The reason I recommend against wider width 'real' wood floors is shrinkage cracks. All wood expands and contracts with heat and humidity. With 2 1/4 inch strip oak flooring any gap is almost invisible and impenetrable. With wider planking the gaps can become 1/4" or wider, and invite spills etc to seep down into areas impossible to clean.
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Any thoughts on/experience with bamboo floors?
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I have no experience with bamboo floors, but there have been a number of discussions about them on houzz. Type "bamboo floors" into the Discussion search engine and then read through some of the threads. Lots of pros and cons, some questioning about sub=par suppliers, inability to refinish them, etc. Here's one thread I remember having some interesting issues raised in it: http://www.houzz.com/discussions/169139/Strand-Bamboo-Floors-durability-formaldehyde
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