Backsplash behind kitchen sink
August 1, 2012 in Design Dilemma
Hi People in the Houzz,
I'm hands on - taking on this kitchen with my own sweat and tears.
I have ordered quartz for my counter tops, and am in need of design advice for the back splash and wall treatment. My concern is the area above the sink and below the sill and and above the window; how to "flow" that area to the wall above the stove, and wall "connecting" the joined island. I am unable to continue the quartz up the wall, as I have maxed out my two slabs; but do have enough to fill the area behind the sink. *I live on a farm. O' great people of Houzz, what do you feel?
Sincere thanks from Sugar...
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Hi sugarpurl,
I think I understand your question. I would choose a tile backsplash that is continuous, covering the wall behind the stove up to the upper cabinets, the small space behind your sink and under you windows, and continuing around at the same height on the wall under the left bay window until that wall turns a corner. At that point I'd either stop with a bull nose edge or wrap it around, keeping at that same height until the far edge of your peninsula wall. Personally I wouldn't do the short backsplash with quartz because then you need a second backsplash material on the upper part of your range wall, but that second material wouldn't appear anywhere else. So I think it will all flow better if you don't use the quartz backsplash, but instead choose a different material for the whole backsplash, but one that you can afford (and have enough of) to bring up onto that range wall. Does that make sense?
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What color is the quartz? Have you got a pic of the design?
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Design & Decor By Shelley
Hi Sugarpurl,
My suggestion would be that you pick a nice tile for your backsplash and not use the leftover quartz..Keep it consistant..The areas that i would tile would be the wall where your cooktop is located making sure you create the backsplash right up to the range hood including the usual 18" under your cabinets..You can create something under your range hood with different tile applications that would co-ordinate with the rest of your backsplash..
I would only apply backsplash under the window and ending at the edge of your window casing..Keep the rest of the area around your window for a nice paint colour and window treatment..The wall that your peninsula is attached looks like it continues into a dining area..Would be hard to break off your backsplash application in that area..
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Hi feeny, yes that makes sense... thanks! I can do tile all around. The space between the counter top and windowsill is 5". Do I understand that the tile would would continue at a 5" height around peninsula? And then just paint the area between and above the windows? I do want the entire wall area above the stove to covered in tile, beadboard, whatever we decide on..., so the join between the those two counter areas is confusing to me.

porpiro: I've attached a photo of the counter top which I called Quartz, but is actually Quartzite....It will embrace a Shaw apron sink in white.
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I think Shelley is right that ending the tile on the bay window wall makes more sense than continuing it around the peninsula corner. You don't need a backsplash next to the peninsula (things won't be splashing there), and it will be tidier to end it after the bay.
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Hi Shelley,
Thank you, as well, for responding:) I love how this is coming together with help from you all. I am going to add a few clearer pictures of the areas, and you'll see that the existing back splash does continue around the peninsula. Does this new view change your mind about ending the tile at the corner? How about wrapping the tile around from oven wall (oven wall entirely tiled)) then to sink wall at18" high (in line with cabinet bottom) and continuing that height of tile on the left side of the window, (it's a small space), and then painting to the ceiling from there?
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Design & Decor By Shelley
Ok now I can see the existing space much better..I have not changed my opinion on the area to cover in back splash however, i do like how the existing splash comes around to include the peninsula which now I think should be included..Keep the new application at the same height as your existing back splash. As you can see whomever applied the existing tile kept thing's simple..
The oven wall is where you can get your height and unique application (above the oven), the bay window area with your beautiful sink will be enough with just the bottom portion of backsplash, as I mentioned your paint and window treatment will be perfect for this area..Less is more as we say...
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Amen, Shelley! I had all that "junque" on my counters to cover up the ugly tile... now it will all go into hiding :))) And thanks Feeny, for seconding the recommendation.
I'll compromise with you, and take the tile up to the bottom of the windowsill and around the peninsula at the same height. Right now that tile comes to 1" below the sill and that 1" is painted. I am thinking it would look cleaner to go all tile. But... it will depend on the size of the tile....
They shot the tops this a.m. and I am going with a double stack eased edge on the tops.
I'll choose the tile when the tops get here, as I do not have a sample of the quartzite to match it up.
In the meantime, I must continue my DIY painting of the walls....
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Any other thoughts from the community? Tile is the suggested medium, but I am not opposed to bead board, corrugated aluminum, or....?
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Mint Design
how are you treating the walls?
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Hi Mint Design!
That's the miliion dollar question! Can you see my earlier posts? I need to decide on how to treat the walls. I have the counter top material and the sink picked out :)
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