How can we improve the curb appeal of this house?
August 1, 2012 in Design Dilemma
Any suggestions for what to do with the chimney, roof color or anything else that you think would improve the curb appeal are greatly appreciated.
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Cutest house.Needs color.possible window box under large right window.tame the hedges .add flowers to the landscape. Make entry way more of a focal point, enlarged more inviting stoop
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The chimney makes the house feel lopsided. I would love to see a front porch on the house, one that is the entire width of the house with a roof. If that's out of your budget, plant a small tree in front of the chimney to shield it. It's downright distracting! Paint the front door a color that pops.
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Mint Design
I suggest you replace the foundation planting with2 to 3 layers of neatly trimmed plantings, redo the walk in stone or stone stamped concrete, on the chimney place a trellis with climbing rose or bougainvillea depending on where you live or espalier a camellia or magnolia on it. Remove the lamp post and add a lantern by the door and some windowboxes. Think about a small specimen tree in the right foreground and some landscape lighting for night. If it is in the budget, consider a portico over the door.
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This house could be so attractive. You may wish to keep the house gray, but loose the letter on the chimney and move the power lines so they do not show. The chimney's brick could be stripped down to the original. However, if the brick is ugly, paint a reddish brick tone on the chimney may give a nice contrast. Next. . . loose the door, replace with a more inviting one.

Paint the door the a darker version of the brick tone, but keep the white trim. If you have the budget, you could extend the front porch to the end of the house. Put a roof over the porch which would give you a little outdoor space. A couple of chairs, small table and a few potted plants will be quite inviting.
This will encourage you to freshen up the landscape of the yard. Maybe pavers or stone on your walkway. Your neighbors will welcome the change. Invite them over to sit out and enjoy your new front yard with a glass of ice tea.
   August 1, 2012 at 6:43PM
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It you're just looking for color to improve the visual of what exists... You may wish to change the base house color or keep it. Paint the chimney something similar to the roof to balance the house left to right and top to bottom in an asymmetrical way. Paint the front door something dark and rich (more than the mockup). Additionally, you could use that same dark and rich door color (or a lighter version of it) to accent the white window trim and make those pop. If budget isn't an issue... add the front porch and put a stone veneer on the fireplace and base of the house. There's lots of visual interest you could add in landscaping, but that's another topic.
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Rachelle Oblack
I agree with adding a porch and window boxes. I would put on a black/gray roof, paint the whole house white, and paint the window frames an eye-popping color like a deep burgundy. Make the porch railing black and fancy, and make the window boxes black (possibly metal) Paint the door the same burgundy color and lose the screen door (unless it is needed) and get a nice heavy black door knocker. On the chimney, which is a bit distracting, I would keep it white too, but had a huge black metal medallion of sorts or a false porch on those upper two windows to break it up a bit. Even a real porch with a small seating area underneath like the one pictured would be great and tie in with the new front porch. Build it out and around from the two upper windows even though you will not exit there. (Use a smaller height metal so it is like a semi-circular crown over the small porch area). I would also invite guests in by planting beds of flowers on either side of the sidewalks. Hang a nice welcome sign (white with black lettering) on the lamp post.
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Won't take much to make this house super cute! Paint and landscaping and done.
   August 1, 2012 at 8:31PM
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Timothy Sheehan, ASLA
New plantings will go a long way, but I would plant the tree to the left of the chimney so as to screen the driveway a little, instead of blocking the little light that seems to go in the front window. Also, get rid of the straight walkway and put in a new (brick) s-curve walk (with the new access to the left of the existing one.) Eliminate the light pole and install low path lights instead.
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Timothy Sheehan, ASLA
curve the walkway
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Alissa Moody
I can see your house painted a dark green and the chimney red brick,it would make the house more traditional looking, and i can see a big beautiful wreath on that chimney at christmas time!
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As always, it depends upon your budget. The least expensive things that will have the biggest impact would be to paint the door and the storm/screen door to add color and weight to that area.

Trim the plantings that are there, edge the existing beds and add mulch for a more manicured appearance. Add some curve to the beds and make them curve out to be a bit deeper at each side of the house.

Build a black window box the full width of the right front window and maintain it with a variety of colors and textures to add weight and interest to the right side of the house.

Put a good sized trellis with something colorful against the chimney. The trellis should be black like the window box and come up to mid-window height. Have your local nursery help you select the best choice for a colorful climber based on your zone and the sun exposure. And yes, remove the monogram.

I think I'd plant a good sized conical shaped evergreen off the right front corner of the house. This could be a false cypress, a blue spruce or whatever the nursery thinks you have room for without it growing into the house. Take measurements and photos with you. This will also add some weight to the right side of the house to balance out the prominent chimney.

A lantern to the right of the door would look better than the lamp post and I'd paint a plaque black and put your house numbers on it, placed below the new lantern.

Your house really is going to be very charming with little work and if you have the budget for some of the more expensive (and very good) suggestions like a porch or portico, new walkway, etc. it will be a knock-out.

Good luck.
   August 1, 2012 at 10:56PM
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You have the makings of "the ultimate cottage," and I wouldn't change the design of it, myself, at all. Porches are great, but I think that your entry is part of the look of the cottage, so I wouldn't add on unless you would just like a place to put seating on the porch. It is nice to have some kind of little roof over the door, and it might be interesting if someone could build one that is just a smaller version of your very unique roof. That way it would just echo the lines of the roof. I think a khaki colored beige for the body of the house would look nice, and I'd go the opposite route and paint the chimney and the windows a creamy off white. With this color scheme you could choose a strong basic color, likea pretty dark blue, or even a dark, but vibrant red, for your door. If you are pastel person, then even a lighter blue, or green would also look great.
I like Mr. Sheehan's landscaping ideas, but I like the lamp post, as its certainly a part of cottage decor, IMO. You could paint it a pretty color, too. It doesn't have to stay black, or some dark color.
   August 2, 2012 at 5:29AM
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Montana Ruark

Remove the plants and replace them with plants that require less maintenance. Also use stone to outline the planting area, without a boarder the area becomes less attractive.


1. These steps need a new look, try to power wash and then use a concrete stain to give them a new look. Replace the railing.

2. The light pole is a huge distraction in this picture. Buyers looking online will be able to tell right away that this is an older house. Remove it, add lights in the rear of the new garden.

3.Replace the shingles. A fresher looking rook will add a dramatic look for the over all house.

4.Replace the gutter, and move the return to the side of the house

5.The paint on the foundation should be a lighter color.

6. Remove the D from the middle it is just drawing attention to the chimney. Also adding more weight to that side of the house isn't the best option. An easy way to even out the exterior is to use a stone or fake stone of the right exterior instead of siding. Using similar materials will create a better balance than just add "things" in the front of the house.
   August 2, 2012 at 5:50AM
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Joseph I. Mycyk Architects, Inc.
If the roofing shingles have seen better days, a new roof is a good start.

Consider a front porch with a pergola. That way you don't have to do anything complicated in connecting roofs. The pergola can be independent and actually have no physical connection with the house structure except at the new porch floor and railing points.

Consider changing the siding to a cedar shingle type.

Explore more conteporary color combinations for the siding, trim, gutters, and roofing.

Finish off with some new landscaping and planting areas in front of the porch. Maybe even change the straight sidwalk approach to a slight serpetine style walkway which can meander through some more new landscaping.

All depends on your budget. You can always try to do this in stages as funds become available.
   August 2, 2012 at 9:45AM
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Could you please suggest a brand/color/style for the roof and siding Thank you!
   August 2, 2012 at 10:03AM
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Kate Martin Design
I'd create more of a foreground by breaking the line of the front path. As the path approaches the sidewalk, I'd instead of one straight line, split it in two directions with a nice semicircular walk / path. That will create a nice big bed next to the sidewalk which will provide a place for a tree and other plantings. It will provide a lot of depth and interest. I'd also create a distraction to the chimney. So often I see Pyracantha trained on a chimney, but it's so structured and ends so low. Instead, I'd consider planting a tree in the foreground in front of it to break the view. Here in Seattle, I'd plant a Gold Atlas Cedar or Weeping Cedar of Lebanon to be a spire, but not a tight column, but instead something that has elegant asymmetrical branches coming off the spire of the central trunk.
   August 2, 2012 at 12:26PM
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T-Square Builders, Inc
Add some dimensional shingles to the roof. A stone veneer on the chimney would add visual interest. More contrast of color between the verticle and horizontal siding would help too. Sincle the foundation is so exposed, consider terraced landscaping, including a larger landing outside the front door which could also break up the straight run of steps leading to the entry.
   August 2, 2012 at 1:01PM
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Gretchen Jorgensen
For the shingles, take a look at Elk Capstone:
(page down to see a picture)
Granite might be a nice color on this house
   August 2, 2012 at 1:43PM
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Looks like this house is located in an older neighborhood, so I would suggest looking into more historical color combination.
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Rayvin Lindsey
i really like the drawing lines another person added. i would also think that treating the sections with colors that compliment instead of a monochromatic look would be helpful - - the main on the left one hue and the one on the right a lighter or darker value of the same hue and try to get the chimney back a natural stone look.
   August 2, 2012 at 3:05PM
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Change the lamp post...don't get rid of it. Check out the beautiful lamp posts at
Walpole Woodworkers. I ordered one from them and love it. The sidewalk has got to have some curve to it...have a professional landscaper put in a brick or bluestone sidewalk. While your at it, remove the front steps and add beefier steps along with a white wooden railing. Cute house...could be a stunner!
   August 2, 2012 at 3:58PM
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Love it!! Definately cover the front stoop with some sort of overhang. Maybe even fabric if the weather allows. Curve that sidewalk. Picket fence? Landscape with color.
   August 3, 2012 at 7:58AM
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todd wilfong
Add a Jacobson Retreat Entry door
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