Creeping Fig was something we saw/had in South FL - Would any of these plants work in Southern IN??
August 8, 2012 in Photo Questions
creeping fig was something we saw/had in South FL. Lovely application. I'm particularly interested in the Italian Cypress - again, would they work in 4 season climate? Thanks
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Verdance Landscape Design
My expertise is limited somewhat to the San Francisco Bay Area where I design, but a bit of detective work can answer your question.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture publishes a Plant Hardiness Zone Map, which maps the country into zones according to minimum winter temperatures. It's online at .

Based on the USDA information, plant growers provide hardiness "ratings" for their plants, indicating the minimum temperature that plant can survive.

Checking the USDA map I see that if you're south of Indianapolis you are in USDA Zone 6, where minimum winter temps average -10° to 0°.

According to Monrovia growers, Creeping Fig (botanical name: Ficus pumila) is hardy to USDA Zone 9, which has a winter minimum of 20° - 25°F, so it probably would not survive your Indiana winters.

Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is hardy to USDA Zone 7, which has a minimum of 0° - 5°. This is a better match, although one particularly cold winter could damage or kill this plant. If you absolutely looooved that plant I might risk it; otherwise you might have better success with a plant such as 'Skyrocket' Juniper (see, which is hardy down to Zone 4.

Good luck, and happy gardening!
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John, Thank you so much for your quick response....Actually I thought the same thing and began to reserach the Italian Cypress but didn't think to explore the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone thank you also for that resource and for taking the time to do "my homework" for me. There is a tree that I "discovered" when I moved here that was planted in front of our Wonderlab (a children's science museum) that I have fallen in love with and I plan to put in our landscape design. It's called a Columnar English Oak Quercus robur 'Fastigiata'. (Zones 5-8). Thank you again for your investment in my answer.
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Blu Studio S.A.
Hi, beautiful work !!! I live in Ecuador and Italian Cypress (cupressus sempervirens) has adapted extremely well to our zone, I´m also in last semester of landscape design
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Heynssens + Grassman, Inc.
As landscape architects in Illinois I can advise you that neither the fig nor cypress would survive outside in the Midwest. Try Skyrocket Juniper or other juniper species. Also try cultivars of Chamaecyparis - false cypress, which has a similar narrow, upright habit. Columnar Oak is deciduous and will easily attain 5' in width and 25' in height, so make sure you have space for it.
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